Playas del Coco: The Embodiment of Diversity

San José

The word “diversity” has become a trend in the past few years, setting higher standards in different industries and fields to become more inclusive. Not only that; whenever we go to the supermarket, we also look for diversity in prices, products, and brands. It comes as no surprise then, that often the places with the most diversity attract the most people. Playas del Coco is one of Costa Rica’s most diverse places; you can find a medley of both national and international tourist enjoying the busy nightlife or the quiet sounds of the ocean, eating organic Costa Rican food or gourmet seafood dinings, or even venturing in the water with a jet ski or a small fishing boat. Many might wonder what attracts so many people of such different backgrounds to this hotspot, and if you don’t have an answer yet, then keep reading and find out. 

One of the things that makes Playas del Coco so special is the wide array of amenities that are within arms-reach. The pillar of this town is its infrastructure; unlike many other beach towns in Costa Rica, Playas del Coco has a thoughtful layout enabling its visitors and dwellers to move around the area with ease. Moreover, it is the go-to place for shops, as it offers first-world services that range from dentists and doctors, to libraries, cell phone stores, and supermarkets where you can find anything that you can think of: from home-made organic yogurt to imported caviar. If you want to remodel your home or buy new furniture for your recently bought residence, this is one of the few beach towns in Costa Rica that offers furniture and design stores as well.  


As in any other coastal town, the variety of tours and packages offered at this town is overwhelming. But something that makes it stand out is the geographic location of Playas del Coco; it is just beneath the gulf, which favors the wind and the tide. This gives Playas del Coco an advantage over other beach towns because it is one of the best places to practice sports like sailing, snorkeling, and diving. Its location not only facilitates the practice of these sports but also makes it a convenient place to travel to other hotspots around the area; it is only a forty-minute drive to the famous national park “Rincón de la Vieja”, and in close proximity to Las Catalinas and The Nicoya Peninsula. Additionally, due to its location, it also serves as a commercial hub for surrounding beaches like Ocotal and Playa Panama, and provides visitors the ability to explore these areas, even further north into Playa Hermosa and into the Papagayo Peninsula.

But every visitor of Playas del Coco would agree that there is more to this beautiful town than first world amenities and the best beaches to practice water sports. Costa Rica is also known for the caring, polite nature of its citizens, and Playas del Coco is no exception. Not only can you find first-class services but also first-class service. Whether you decide to hop on a boat and get to know the surrounding islands or decide to enjoy a recently reaped coconut water while you sit on the beach, the kindness and warmness of the Costa Rican people is always palpable. This is a direct reflection of Costa Rica’s culture and their service-oriented attitude, an idiosyncratic trait that speaks volumes about the lifestyle standard of this beautiful country. 


Contrary to common beliefs, you don’t need to wait until retirement to enjoy a care-free, relaxed and luxurious lifestyle in Costa Rica. In fact, the diversity that characterizes Playas del Coco also permeates to its real estate market and enables everyone, whether young or old, to find a wide range of opportunities that can serve as a solid foundation to start making their dream of living in paradise a reality. In this medley of potential you can find a luxury home perfect to invest in and create workspaces; a safe bet sure to attract a multitude of digital nomads now that working from home has become an ordinary stance. You can also find a well priced, cozy condo ready to see a family blossom within its walls. Moreover, the perfect vacation rental to turn it into a family-owned business can be yours, and ultimately, if none of these call your attention, you can always buy a luxury estate with unobstructed views to relax and enjoy the best of Costa Rica. 

Now, finding an answer to the question posed, we could say that Playas del Coco attracts a wide diversity of people because of its first-world amenities, convenient location, and the warmness of its people. As a result, many of its visitors have fallen in love with these features and never leave again, which in terms has turned it into a hotspot for singles, families, expats, and digital nomads alike. An array of different nationalities and cultures become one in this paradise-like town and pave the way for others to follow their steps and come to paradise not only to visit but also to stay and make a living. Whatever your goals are, Playas del Coco is sure to fill those needs, and in the way, allure you with its first class service, convenience, and beauty.


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