Are “Living Off The Grid” and “Luxury” Incompatible?

San José

Courtesy of Cesar Nuñez Quiros of 2Costa Rica Real Estate

2Costa Rica Real EstateSAN JOSE, COSTA RICA - The term “living off the grid” has had significant changes throughout the last years; some consider it a synonym to living a secluded lifestyle; away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. On the other hand, others take it more literally and consider it a lifestyle where you seek to be self-sustainable by growing your food, and incorporating utilities from alternative sources such as eco-friendly ways of generating energy. 

Although many think that living off the grid and enjoying luxury are incompatible, nothing keeps you from being able to blend both concepts seamlessly, and enjoying the best benefits of living off the land  in a secluded place but still having first-world infrastructure and amenities. In fact, it could be argued that both concepts are mutually inclusive, and that one can not happen without the other.

Let me expand on that: can we grow our own vegetables without spacious green areas? Is it a good idea to place solar panels on poorly-built structures? Maybe the answers are positive, but I will venture out and say it is probably not the safest nor most comfortable bet. Therefore, the idea of consolidating self-sufficiency and luxury takes on a bigger stand, and proves to be an attractive alternative that incorporates the best of both concepts.  


Costa Rica is the perfect place to find a house that includes all the right features to offer you the intricate blend between comfort and self-sustainability. One of the best things about settling in a secluded area here is that it does not necessarily mean you have to compromise a luxurious lifestyle. In fact, if your house is luxurious enough, there is nothing that you will need outside of it, provided it grants the right conditions to be self-sustained, such as the right weather and soil to grow plants and fruits, and the right structure to incorporate alternative ways of creating energy.

Dominical, located on the southern pacific coast, is a hotspot for this type of lifestyle because of its perfectly balanced weather, and proof of this is the exuberant amount of lush rainforest; something uncanny in a beach town. This careful mix of sun and rain not only gives you the option to sustain solar energy as your main source of power but also to incorporate the use of rainwater to alternative uses. In Dominical, it is sunny and pleasant throughout the year, but it pours just the right amount of rain; perfect to keep your garden and the massive rainforest green and thriving. In addition to this, this town shares the same rich-in-nutrients soil that has made Costa Rica a leader in exporting agricultural goods.  


If you are looking to live off the grid in beautiful Costa Rica, you can find many options that are located in remote areas, perfect to give you all the space and tranquility you desire, coupled with the right features to make it self-sustainable. A few examples are: this german-engineered residence with unobstructed views to Ojochal, a property that offers spacious glass doors and high ceilings that are a great alternative to air conditioning because the airflow is facilitated by its structure. Moreover, you can find a luxury house with the most sophisticated system of solar panels, or a luxury villa boasting the most expansive green areas filled with mature fruit trees and good soil to start growing vegetables.

Thanks to its rich soil and friendly weather, Dominical in Costa Rica is one of the best alternatives to start living off the grid, whatever that means to you. Whether you’re looking for remoteness, safety and tranquility or the perfect settlement teeming with rich soil and abundant sun and rain to become self-sufficient, the richness of this paradise is sure to give you everything you need to start incorporating luxury and self-sufficiency in one residence. 


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