The Unknown Layers of Costa Rica

San José

Yes, Costa Rica is mostly known for its lush rainforests and paradisiac beaches, but it is not just a huge jungle similar to the scenes shown in Jurassic Park. Although the movie was filmed here and, indeed, Costa Rica is mainly water and untamed forest, having an urban lifestyle in one of the cities of this country might have more advantages than you’d think. And let’s face it, not everyone is made to cohabitate with the monkeys, live in the secluded mountains, or relax on the Pacific Coast. Living in the city has its advantages because everything you need is either within walking distance or just a short drive. Just like in any city, this is perfect for people who are looking for the most convenient place to live without having to commute to school or work for long hours. But the city life in Costa Rica can be, aside from convenient, as interesting as in any other city, as the cultural aspect, world-class education, and a variety of attractions and entertainment for leisure time can be found around the corner.

The allure of living in the city revolves around the plethora of cultural attractions that are available. Costa Rica is not widely known for its theaters or yesteryear architecture, but these things lie at the heart of the Costa Rican urban lifestyle. The cities in Costa Rica, especially the ones grouped within the central valley, boast an amazing array of activities that can reveal the authentic Costa Rican culture. You can find an array of museums, including historical, pop culture, pre-Columbian artistry, gold, and many more. In addition to this, you can also find theaters, galleries, and the country’s most antique buildings, which can give you a taste of what Costa Rica’s architecture was at the beginning of the 19th century.

The National Theater, located in San José.

Moreover, Costa Rica is known as a regional leader in literacy, although not many know about it. According to the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, the literacy rate of adults is over 97%, which can give you an idea of the quality of education here. The best schools in the country with the widest offer of majors are located in the central valley; an important factor to consider if you’re looking to raise children here and want quality education for them. In The Greater Metropolitan Area, you can find international and private elementary schools and high schools, as well as the headquarters of the main universities of the country.

Leisure time is also an important factor of living in the city, and Costa Rica offers an ample variety of attractions that serve an urban yet luxurious lifestyle best. This diversity can be found everywhere but it is mostly in the cities where you’ll find such abundance in a small ratio. If you want to dive into the gastronomical aspect of the city, you are bound to find an ample range of dining options, from gastronomical markets to cafes, international restaurants, and anything in between. If you want to have a great time partying with friends and dancing, you can find different pubs, bars, casinos, discotheques and more. Because nature is still an important factor driving the economy, you can also find beautiful parks with statues, fountains, and gazebos, where you will find families having picnics and children sliding down the hills on cardboard.

Morazán Park, located in San Jose.

The advantage of the city life in Costa Rica is that because the population is fairly small you can still find many private estates boasting ample green areas perfect for a family to grow, or to have your children or grandchildren visit you in paradise, like this luxury estate located in Santa Ana, one of the cities located in the capital. Moreover, other areas like La Sabana can offer you the coziest apartment in a residential tower with luxurious amenities and dramatic views of the mountains that surround the central valley. Anyway, if you still want to visit the beach, you will find that Costa Rica’s small territory will have you in the city but only an-hour drive away from beautiful beaches, colossal volcanoes, and pristine rivers and lakes.  Those who choose to live and work in the city, often purchase a second home at the nearby resort destination of Los Suenos, or just south in the number one tourist destination in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio. 

Dive fully into the Costa Rican experience and get to know not only the outer layers but also a new world that is waiting to be discovered, and you won’t be disappointed. Costa Rica is more than just pristine-water beaches and deep rainforests, it is also a rich culture, a solid educational system, and vibrant nightlife and attractions. If you want to settle in this beautiful country that promises not only a relaxed, care-free lifestyle but also a good quality of life, peace, and overall safety, then you can start looking for the perfect place in the city to make it your home.


As we all know Costa Rica is the home to a number of incredible beaches, many of which look like they came straight out of a magazine. They are also the tourist spot because of their great views like the rivers, wildlife, foods, and the volcanoes, Tourists and locals are lucky to have these volcanoes surrounding them. You may also want to take a look on my latest article at utopiamanagementdotcom

Pete Evering — February 25, 2021

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