The Secrets Behind a Luxury Pool

San José

Courtesy of 2Costa Rica Real Estate

2Costa Rica Real EstateSAN JOSE, COSTA RICA - There is no feature that exudes luxury more than a swimming pool, making it a must in either your vacation rental, retreat hotel or private house. A pool inspires awe among your guests,  elevates the value of your home, and generally becomes the focal point for entertaining family and friends. Also, it is not only the most convenient asset during summer, it can be an important piece of the design of your residence that becomes a focus of attention, representing the most basic elements in water and light. In the making or remodeling of your pool, many features need to be carefully considered; for example, the depth, the shape, the materials, lighting, the access to it and any other additions that might complement it. For this reason, each decision that you make regarding it carries a tremendous amount of weight. If you are looking for the latest trends in swimming pools, feel free to continue reading to understand what makes a pool iconic. 

1613687153One of the first and main features that call the attention of any onlookers is the shape of the pool. Rectangular shapes are a safe bet because they never go out of style; they also make it the perfect man-made pond to practice swimming as a way to work out because it offers the most space. In terms of style, a geometric-shaped pool can be coupled with any other style and boost your residence’s aesthetic if the right complements are chosen. Nonetheless, savvy owners can navigate their options further and include other non-conventional shapes that not only will look great but also will elevate the design of their backyard to another level. For example, free-form pools can become a distinctive feature of your house by turning it into a statement. The most beneficial aspect of choosing a pool with a free form is the fact that the possibilities are endless, as the final shape can take the form of anything you want, giving your house an organic feel that can be joined with even the most luxurious finishes. 

1613687254But there is more to pools than just their size and shape. The materials used in your pool will determine its longevity and consequently its quality. A pool is in itself a big investment that requires the most care and attention; as like anything else in life, “the devil is in the details”, which means that even the smallest and seemingly insignificant choices will have a greater impact in the final result. Adding tile to your pool’s lining will not only make it easier to maintain but will also add a very fine-looking finish to it. The color of the tiles normally ranges from deep blue to turquoise; colors that add a tropical feel. Other recent trends take on darker colors such as grey and green, giving the pool a unique appeal and a deeper visual effect. Moreover, the most unique and extravagant pools often think outside of the box and include other types of lining such as stone, which in terms gives the pool a unique feel that is hard to top.

Lastly, at the heart of the most alluring pool in town lies its surroundings. The perfect pool not only has to have the right materials and the right shape, but it also must include the right environment to be appreciated. Providing your pool with great lighting will create a unique experience accentuated by luxury and exclusivity, and even more if you incorporate a lighting system that can be controlled by your smartphone; a feature that will certainly make your guests’ jaws drop. Additionally, other features can make your pool -and your house- stand out by adding fixtures such as cascades or even a trendy infinity edge. Also important, and should not be neglected, is the landscape around your pool; whether you want your pool to look like a tropical oasis or a nordic pond, the landscaping must either complement it or contrast it seamlessly.

1613687307In Costa Rica, where the eternal summer makes having a pool almost a necessity, you can see some of the most innovative and luxurious pool designs anywhere in the world. The dense rainforest and dramatic topography in destinations like Manuel Antonio have architects pushing the boundaries of imagination and creating pools which are the centerpieces of the homes in communities like Tulemar Manuel Antonio, El Salto Estates, Rancho Manuel Antonio.  The “backyard” pool has grown up and is now one of the most important architectural features of the homes and are the hearts of many of these tropical properties like The Rainforest Estate in Manuel Antonio, whose large stone pool is magical by day and night.


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