Cash Flow Opportunities

San José

As the current global situation has forced us all into our homes, and into our heads, now is the time to think about smart investments for ourselves and our families. Costa Rica has been blessed to have managed the crisis with knowledge, science and led by a team of professionals, we have been fortunate to keep the spread of the virus, gross numbers, and the mortality rate extremely low. This will certainly assist us in not only finding the new normal and getting back at some level to our lives, but also will also continue to carve out a place for Costa Rica on the global stage as a leader in health care, as well as investment opportunities. Many clients have already reached out to us both for investment opportunities on the coast, as well as here in the Central Valley in locations such as Escazu and Santa Ana.


The coastal markets are likely going to see a greater long term demand as global investors continue to turn to Costa Rica not only as a vacation home/investment destination, but now, a destination that will be solidified as a top global destination for those who have now discovered work from home can be achieved wherever they want.  However, the bustling suburbs of San Jose such as Escazu and Santa Ana provide both foreign and local investors with an immediate source of stability in rental income, as this market boasts the advantage of being a market that depends less upon the aperture of the airport in the short term.  Many of the condos in this area are rented to high level executives with high levels of job security, and long term rental contracts, thus providing investors the opportunity to purchase a condo, and immediately put money back to the bottom line on a cash flowing ROI opportunity. Furthermore, many of the sellers of these particular condos own multiple condos and have the ability to provide owner financing, thus making the investment very simple and painless for a buyer who is looking to place some of their savings in a more lucrative place, both earning immediate returns, but also, potentially buying at the floor of the market and thus having long term potential for appreciation.

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As a general rule, we have opportunities available in smaller, executive loft or flats that are geared towards young professionals and the developments tend to offer convenient locations, an abundance of amenities, and a very clear target audience, which makes them very easy to keep rented. Click here to check out a few of our current investment opportunities in cash flowing apartments such as Arborea FlatsBosques de Escazu, and others...


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