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Courtesy of MIKELI Luxury Real Estate

MIKELI Luxury Real EstateCANTABRIA, SPAIN - Mikeli’s staff is already working from home, adapting to the COVID 19 crisis that’s affecting all kinds of businesses, to guarantee the safety of both our clients and our employees. We are living difficult times that require that we all act united, and so with a dose of responsibility work remote to defeat this virus as soon as posible.

Given the circumstances of sanitary emergency, we must have our main priority clear: everybody’s health and well-being, our clients, our families and our society as a whole. This is why we need to act proactively, to be one step ahead, learning from the harsh reality other cities and countries are in, where the virus has spread out of control. The only measure that has been effective to contain the massive spread of this virus is when the population stays indoors until the situation is back under control. It’s everybody’s responsibility to slow down the contagion curve so the hospitals don’t collapse and everybody can be attended safely. So, we must stay indoors as much as posible.

In Spain the virus has spread very quickly, to every city and every village mostly due to people moving around and traveling, this is why all Mikeli staff are working remotely. We are going to explain all the steps we are taking in order to maintain workflow as normal as possible meanwhile we’re all working remotely.

It’s very important to maintain your routine, for this we are maintaining our normal business hours and our team have their daily meetings first thing in the morning as usual, but in this case virtually thanks to apps such as Skype or Zoom. These meetings are a must to keep coordination and communication between team members as well as company culture alive.

Working remote forces us to stay online throughout the entire day, and so our team take various breaks to ensure that they are work with maximum efficiency always taking health into account.

A few months ago, we decided to digitalize our company and so this has enabled us to adapt faster than most. During this time of confinement, we are dedicating most of our time to optimize the advertising of our portfolio and for it to be seen in various classifieds and social media platforms, to be able to increase our total amount of views.

We’re constantly analyzing this fast changing market, to be able to advise our clients with the most up to date information. We are also able to offer viewings (virtually), enhancing our guided views by 95% from standard, thanks to our Matterport 3D system with Virtual Reality allowing you to transport yourself to the selected property with only the click of a button!

Our team will still continue to broaden their knowledge with real estate related online courses, a way to take advantage of time and to amplify knowledge in this space in the most entertaining way possible.

Regarding our clients, the best thing to do in these circumstances is to stay home and use digital channels. This being said, we maintain our normal timetable and our agents will be able to advise you at any moment.

We would like to thank and show all of our support to Health Care workers, as well as social workers, volunteers that help families out, basic service workers such as grocery stores, public transport, pharmacies and everybody else! Thank you all for your effort and dedication. To finish off, we would like to send a message all our clients that have been affected by Coronavirus both been affected directly or indirectly by the disease. Mikeli wishes you a fast recovery and we send you all our support to beat this quarantine in these times of uncertainty.


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