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Courtesy of Jose A Gouvea of Florida Luxurious Properties

Florida Luxurious PropertiesFORT LAUDERDALE, FL - As the real estate industry faces very challenging times there has never been a better time to be connected. During these past couple of weeks, I found that I am more physically distant, but at the same time, even more connected with my clients, prospects and fellow Realtors. 

Lately, we all have been following precautionary measures for distancing as outlined by the governmental authorities. Meanwhile technology has offered me an incredibly valuable tool for person to person connection. Online communication has increased as many work remotely. I have been able to connect with customers and conduct business more effectively, now that it seems many have more available time and less daily distractions.

Even with the current situation worldwide, the lifestyle offered by South Florida remains the attraction it has always been for many US residents and international customers. 

These past two weeks Florida Luxurious Properties had 10 closings and over $12.5 million in sales. I just closed on a magnificent estate in Davie with almost five acres of privacy with immaculate grounds. The Buyers, relocating from Virginia, are preparing to enjoy year-round warm weather, take advantage of financial savings due to absence of Florida income tax and have plenty of space for their many pets. The transactional steps in the process to closing such as home inspection, final walkthrough and the actual closing, were accomplished virtually with the Buyer not having to be physically present in Florida for any of these activities. This transaction proves business can be accomplished efficiently when the parties are physically distant while being socially close and interactive.

Florida Luxurious Properties So let’s keep connected with all the available resources, moving ahead and assisting our customers and friends through global connectivity. I am available to answer any questions. For our international customers, our professional team additionally offers several languages to assist our customers every step of the way.


Jose A Gouvea

Director of Global Marketing & Sales

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Florida Luxurious Properties 


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