Grape Encounters Radio Show With Guest Jenny Heinzen Vineyard Real Estate Broker

Paso Robles

Commercial Vineyard for Sale Grape Encounters show guest Jenny Heinzen shares important information about different business models. Some people may want to limit themselves to growing and selling grapes. Others may buy their grapes elsewhere but produce wine in their own winery. Others will elect to take on all aspects of winemaking. One thing is certain, before you take the plunge, you need to spend some quality time with a pro like Jenny, because mistakes are costly but doing it right can be life-changing in the most positive ways!

Over the years, Grape Encounters has done a number of shows for listeners who may be interested in making their own wine; how you go about doing it without planting any grapes or building a winery. To be sure, many people do get into the business by jumping in head-first. Perhaps you’ve made some big bucks in high-tech or you won the lottery and have decided you want to go out and buy or build a winery… or maybe you’re a person that’s just dreaming that way. Whatever the case may be, on this episode, you’ll hear from the consummate professional when it comes to purchasing vineyard land, owning a winery, getting into the business, and the best part, even managing the business.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable about taking this giant plunge, you’ll definitely want to hear David’s discussion with Jenny Heinzen, owner of Jenny Heinzen Real Estate, located in Paso Robles, in the world-renowned California Central Coast wine country. Jenny’s real estate firm is a division of Vineyard Professional Services, which provides support in a multitude of ways to would-be and existing wine producers who can’t or don’t want to take on all the responsibilities themselves.

How many vineyard properties currently have a house on them where you can actually live among the grapes? How many properties have a winemaking facility on them as well as a vineyard? You might be surprised to learn that you can buy a pretty awesome property and get into the business for a price that is not much different than buying a really nice home on a small lot in one of America’s finer communities.

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