5 Lifestyle Habits to Give You the Capacity to Rise Up in Uncertain Times

Park City
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No words can describe the surreal events taking place across the planet. Many are wondering what we can do to feel empowered and conquer uncertainty and fear. I was honored to be a part of a consortium almost 200 of the best and brightest in my field this morning as we gathered ourselves to share the tools we need to meet today’s challenges, of course via Zoom (virtual meeting). Our featured guest was Valerie Hamaker, a licensed family counselor. Here is what she had to share:


1. Find meaningful connection with others. Now is a great time to call friends, family and our sphere to have a meaningful conversation about how they are coping and feeling.

2. Sleep. Stay on your original schedule. Do not use the reason of not having to wake up early to go to work as an excuse to stay up late and binge watch your favorite show. Go to bed at your normal time and wake up at your normal time. Stick to your morning routine as much as possible.

3. Meditation. It is VITAL to mental health. There are countless forms of meditation. Apps are abundantly available. Whatever form you choose, just do it! I personally meditate twice/day using the Ziva Method by Emily Fletcher. Her method is geared towards those who want to stress less and accomplish more. It works for me. For more information on Ziva Method log on to https://zivameditation.com/

4. Exercise. Our bodies need the chemicals produced by exercise. Even if this means going for a walk. Just do it. You will feel better. My husband and I counted 60 people out walking the other day on our 4 mile loop. It was amazingly uplifting.

5. Healthy Diet. Pay attention to what your motivation is about your food choices. Embrace cooking at home. Our grocery stores are out of toilet paper but have an abundant supply of fresh vegetables and fruits. I’ve actually lost 2 pounds by eating home.

I’m here for you if you need me. Call me if you need for me to check on your property while you are unable to travel. I am here to help keep you up to date on what is happening in Park City. If you are still in town, take advantage of the local restaurants that are providing take-out food if you can’t cook. They need the business!

Take care and stay safe.


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