25 Great Decorating Tips for Any Home Owner or Seller!

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Often our Buyers and our Sellers ask for our advice in regards to decorating and de-cluttering their homes to make them more attractive. Whether you just purchased a house, live in it, or want to get it sold, there's a few simple tips to make it visitor worthy anytime! To make a home look and feel good, you must balance out design elements, unique art, practicality and cleanliness. Read on to get some fresh inspiration and ideas!

1. Always make your bed, no matter what.

2. Curtains hung high above windows make the room feel and look bigger.

3. Area rugs help separate zones visually in open concept living layouts. And add a layer of cozy!

4. Always keep your windows clean.

5. Hang art pieces at eye level. 

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6. Put beautiful indoor plants in empty corners.

7. Group decorative items in odd numbers. A basic styling tip!

8. A few select baskets help hide clutter and /or dirty laundry. 

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9. Eliminate 90% of things on your kitchen countertops. This will make the house feel neat. Kitchens tend to collect lots of random daily objects. Think permanent de-clutter!

10. Fresh, colorful produce in a nice bowl in the kitchen can be counted as décor!

11. Layered lighting gives depth, ambiance, and makes the house feel cozy.

12. Pendant lights should hang about 3 feet above countertops or dining tables.

13. In decoration, less is more, the cleaner the better. If in doubt, take it out. 

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14. Hide al TV and sounds system cables neatly.

15. Color-block décor and books on bookshelves.

16. Keep furniture 2 inches off the walls. Makes for easier cleaning and add spaciousness.

17. Only buy and use what you love when it comes to decorating. Never splurge on trends, its better to splurge on classics that won’t go out of style. Buy cool yet inexpensive things to stay fresh and modern.

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18. Placing items in trays makes them feel organized. On the couch, on a dresser, or at the bar…

19. For a statement in your living room, you can lean a large piece of art or a large mirror for a relaxed look.

20. Hanging mirrors across from windows will give the illusion of added space and increased brightness. 

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21. Professionally framed art makes a world of difference. Worth the splurge. 

22. A little white paint goes a long way. When you are doubtful of a dark room, corner or piece of furniture, consider painting it white. Matte paint reflects light more uniformly and makes rooms a little lighter.

23. A house should feel clean, yet cozy and lived in. 

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24. One black object in every room will add contrast and elegance. 

25. If something doesn’t make you happy, give it away, donate, sell it or toss it! Don't let old, stagnant energy sit. Something that is cluttering your home might be very useful to someone else! 

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