President's Week

February 12, 2020

Ok, ok, I know...There is only Presidents Day, right?   Well here in our little ski town any chance to extend a long weekend is fully taken advantage of! Our kids even get the entire week off of school!   February is a great time to ski of course with a solid understanding that the snow will be plentiful!  We have been blessed with incredible snow this winter and "spring skiing" should be fantastic!   

Back to President's Day:

Washington, one of our most beloved Founding Fathers, left us many lessons that still ring true 220 years after he left office, among them: "Observe good faith and justice towards all nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all." You can find more Washington wisdom in the President's Farewell Address, which was published in September of 1796.

I suppose I am jumping over Valentine's Day!   Sorry to all the lovebirds out there... hope everyone has an abundance of LOVE to share with all those around you!


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