Luxury Home Trends That Buyers Are Looking For in 2019

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Home trends come and go even for the luxury real estate market; however, this does not mean that some trends do not deserve a closer look or consideration. Some luxury home trends are popular for the fact that luxury home buyers are always looking for them when buying high-end houses. After all, it is only natural to want the best home features that money can buy when you’re shopping for a luxury home!

Below are 2019’s most sought-after home features or home trends for luxury homes.

Guest Rooms or Guest Suites

Guest Suite

Buyers of luxury homes want their houses to have a dedicated guest room. Some even want a full guest house or guest suite where visiting family members can stay without sacrificing the homeowner’s privacy. This isn’t just for privacy, some luxury home buyers are looking for this because they know that they can easily convert the extra space to an office or a gym when they want to.

Room for Growth

Room for Growth

Customized homes were all the rage for a while, but luxury home buyers want homes where they can see possibilities of future renovations that will fit their exact needs. If your home has an extra room, it is better to leave it bare than to outfit it as a home theatre, a game room, or an office. Avoid looking too customized to avoid putting home off future buyers.

Enough Privacy

Luxury Privacy

Although it might be impossible to purchase a luxury home without a view of the neighbours in areas like downtown Oakville, luxury home buyers are still expecting a certain degree of privacy when they’re buying homes that cost in the millions. No one wants neighbours to be able to clearly see their pool area or not have some sort of barrier between properties. If your land area is quite limited, good looking hedges and walls are a must.

Smart Home Features

Smart home

Generally speaking, smart homes are more secure because even the security cameras can be easily controlled by apps connected to the home. Smart home features are also no longer ‘nice to have’ luxuries these days, they’re a must-have in luxury homes. Some people even have their closet smart-locked so that everything is digitally secured.

Lounge Pools

Luxury lounge pool

Big pools are no longer a statement feature in a luxury home. Luxury home buyers prefer lounge pools and lap pools because they are easier to maintain and are actually used more often.

Doubles of Essentials

Luxury essentials

Although this mostly applies to the kitchen, like having two stoves, two sinks, two ovens, and two dishwashers, this can also apply to washers and dryers more so for luxury home buyers who are raising children or love entertaining.

Luxury Design and Finishes

Luxury finishes

Buyers of luxury homes want their houses to look the part, so they expect high-end kitchen appliances instead of brands that are sold at almost all stores. Details matter a lot as well. A luxury home buyer won’t tolerate substandard workmanship. Even how fixtures were installed matter to buyers who want only the best.

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