Why a Seller Love Letter Can Help Buyers in a Competitive Market



If you are a buyer in a competitive real estate market, you’ve got to do everything in your power to stand out and win the home of your dreams. With low inventory –particularly among affordable first time properties – the competition in the Southern California real estate market can be fierce. There are several things you can do to sweeten the deal when putting in an offer on a house, and one way is with a personalized seller “love letter”.

You don’t have to ask the seller to be your valentine; you just want to make a meaningful and memorable impression on your seller. Adding an emotional edge to your offer can increase the chances of being chosen among a sea of potential buyers and win you that coveted property.

Here are some quick tips to help you write a strong offer letter:

Stand Out

Love letters are becoming a more common practice, so think about ways to make yours stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a beautiful font, nice paper, photos, or attention grabbing colors, think outside the box. Your offer letter should be like a resume, but with a bit of a personal touch. Keep it easy to read and well formatted, but also personalized and memorable.

Share Your Quirks

Personal stories allow a seller to empathize with you and create a bond. So share a bit about yourself and what you’re looking forward to doing in your new home if your offer is chosen. Whether it’s starting a family and turning the upstairs loft into a playground or hosting your annual holiday baking bonanza with friends in the open concept kitchen, let the sellers know how you plan to make their house your home.

Compliment Their Home

Flatter your seller and let them know why you love their home. Keep it sincere, but feel free to let them know how much you love their landscaping, the creative use of space, or personal style that shows throughout. Owners take pride in your home and your seller will be flattered to hear what you liked most about theirs.

Leave a Hard Copy

Don’t get lost in the shuffle of emails. Instead, go the extra step and print out a hard copy to leave behind. Just ask your agent to help hand deliver it or coordinate a hand off with the seller’s agent. This will show a little extra initiative on your part, and give you peace of mind knowing it didn’t end up in their spam.

Most importantly – have fun! Leaving behind a love letter in your offer costs nothing, and is a creative way to get a competitive edge is a seller’s market. What have you got to lose?


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