The New American Dream House

Greenwood Village
Liv Sotheby's International Realty

For all you McMansion lovers, developer-designed architectural disaster divas, bed/bath oversize quantity qualifiers and maximalists in every sense, you do not have the new American Dream House. The next generation aka Next Gen is not looking for the McMansion developer design.  They are minimalists that want and need flexibility and movement.

The millennial is looking for an architectural design that will fluctuate in need and space.  As an example, they want a home with an office and in addition to the master bedroom, they want an additional suite that can serve as a rentable Airbnb.

They don't need a large garage, they Uber.  They do want the carport concept as it can flex to an outdoor living room or entertainment space.  This generation not only travels light, they live light.


Major builders are looking to this large group as their future consumer so they are adjusting the floor plans accordingly.


For more information on the ever changing and flucturating housing market, contact me.  Judy Fahrenkrog.


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