Santa Teresa: So What

June 12, 2018

As my background in Costa Rica started as the owner of an online travel agency, I have known Santa Teresa for nearly two decades. However, as the saying goes: this is no longer your momma's Santa Teresa. For years, I have avoided going back as the difficult access, unpaved roads, and rustic setting were enough excuses to convince myself. Over the course of the past decade and as a result of being in the real estate industry in Costa Rica, I continue to hear about Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen and Playa Hermosa. What we used to know as "Mal Pais" as a general area, would now conjure insult amongst the residents as Mal Pais is simply one small aspect of this unique destination on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.


Over the course of the past few months, I have tried to gain a better understanding of this area, and this market as it pertains to real estate. One of the first things that I found, was that the challenging access, unpaved roads (what is left) and the rustic setting off the beaten path, is exactly what the locals, and visitors truly cherish. In fact, maybe it is people like me that they would prefer stay in my little bubble in Escazu.  Anyone with two ears that does not live in a cave has heard that this general area of the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula have made headlines for hosting second homes for celebrities such as Mel Gibson (slightly further north) and the dynamic duo of Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen. Mutual friends and clients have always raved about the world class surf, laid back vibe, but now seem to always bring up the world class cuisine...yes world class. Some local restaurants are said to have waiting lists for months just to get in the door, as the profile of the visitor and resident of this once sleepy town, is quickly changing.


I still wanted to gain some further insight from the residents and consistent visitors to the area, so I went right to the source. I posted the question on a Santa Teresa blog with a heavy following: "What is it about Santa Teresa that truly brings you (back) here, or choose to call it home?" 

The answers told a story of their own, better than any journalist, videographer, and much less a city based real estate broker could tell. So I will let some of their word's speak for themselves:

" easily attained deep connection to nature , an unparalleled beach and consistent surf year round. Although I could go on and on... international community, lots of places to explore, amazing restaurants, amazing yoga teachers, living a life ruled by the tides and epic nightly sunsets to name a few. QUALITY OF LIFE"

"It's like falling in love, again and again, it s been like this for 18 years for me"

"We have been enjoying this area for nearly 24 years. The people, the nature, the fun, all keep us coming back!"

"Relationship with nature becoming deeper and more commited each year. The chance to get sustainable development right as well as optimal health care for growing community. Here to stay, no plan B."

To me, these unbiased and free answers tell so much about Santa Teresa, and type of people who enjoy coming here, and call it home, as well as paint a very clear picture for anyone looking to visit, or perhaps invest in this truly special corner of the Earth. Furthermore, if the people with an affinity for this area are truly so passionate about it, it is only fitting that should 2Costa Rica Real Estate ever provide real estate services for buyers or sellers, that we do so alongside long time residents who live and breathe the passion for such an inspiring place. 


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