From the Big City, to the Big Ocean

San José

My dream became a reality years ago on a trip to Costa Rica.  After spending over ten years in the financial corporate world I decided to explore Costa Rica during a one week vacation.  I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel quite extensively prior to my experience in Costa Rica, and this country which is famous for its natural beauty has a more subtle quality which is just as mesmerizing.  The laid back lifestyle, focus on well being, kindness, family, and the environment permeates in all aspects of the society. The country’s "Pura Vida" mantra which means Pure Life has roots far greater than a clever tourism slogan.      

After returning to the snow filled freezing cold airport in Philadelphia I began planning my second trip to Costa Rica.  I came across a Real Estate website named "2 Costa Rica Real Estate".  This was back in 2007 when the Real Estate market was booming with a real demand to buy property in Costa Rica.  I decided it would be a good investment to diversify my assets and invest in a beach front luxury property in Jaco, Costa Rica. In 2010 I decided to leave the corporate world and move to Costa Rica to expand my vacation rental company.  Upon arrival I was approached by the owner of the same company that sold me my successful investment property.  I was very impressed with the 2 Costa Rica Real Estate firm during my buying experience due to their focus on education and integrity.  I accepted a job as a Realtor and began selling and renting properties in a beach town called Jaco, Costa Rica.     


I find it very cool that I'm now selling properties in Costa Rica to the same high powered financial people that I use to work with.  The majority of my clients are investing their money internationally to hedge themselves from the financial crisis in the United States.  Many Americans and savvy investors are now realizing the combination of OPPORTUNITY, VALUE, DIVERSIFICATION, and LIFESTYLE combine for something truly unique in Costa Rica and are all just a short flight away.  My old colleagues cant believe that I now have "board" meetings on actual surf boards in the pacific ocean instead of the board room.  I also tend to plan my day around high tide instead of rush hour on route 76 & 422.  I cant help but think what I left behind when we I have lunch meetings with clients at my infinity edge pool overlooking the pacific ocean.  Some people may call my personal journey a mid life crisis but I like to think of it as just the beginning of my new Pure Life.  I've now been employed for close to seven years with 2 Costa Rica Real Estate and plan on spending the rest of my life in Costa Rica.


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