Hill Country Style Trends

San Antonio
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Incredible choices in the Hill Country style offer something for everyone- right now Texas Transitional style is popular. Texas Transitional is an organic blend of rustic and contemporary styles typically with a cool palate that looks modern and fresh. Clean lines and more monotone colors rely more on texture for contrast rather than color changes. 

Euro-Texan borrows heavily from the French and Italian countrysides for inspiration with warm, earthy tones that blend nicely into this landscape.  Dark wood,heavy plaster or Monterrey walls, rich colors offer a cool feel to interiors with ornate decoration. 

Traditional and contemporary are styles that you see as well but sparingly and they are very specific to particular neighborhoods. Mediterranean is a classic style that is abundant in golf course communities but this style is often blended with Euro-Texan flair or a Spanish Colonial or Santa Barbara flair in the Hill Country. 



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