Take Steps to Make Moving Easier for Children

Courtesy of Paula Friedman, Broker Associate of Kentwood Real Estate Cherry Creek

Springtime and summertime are upon us; the most popular time for families to be moving.  It's a time for excitement and anticipation.  It's also a time for apprehension.  Some have an actual plan as they move their family.  Some simply “wing it,” hoping all the pieces fall into place once they arrive at their new home.

While there is no set blueprint for the "perfect move," there are some tips I have gathered through the years from clients and friends, as well as my own experiences.  The experiences of others may ease you through the process of moving your family.

Whether moving down the block or across the street or across the country, the entire family should be involved throughout the process.  Keeping the children apprised and engaged throughout will create a more positive experience for all.

Regardless of their age, include your child or children in the decision-making process, at an age appropriate level.  If possible, take them to the home.  Allow them to choose which room they would like to have as “their room.”

Once you’ve chosen your new home, spend a day exploring with the family.  Look at the schools, parks, local shops and restaurants.  Anything that would interest you as a family.

If you’re moving out of town, and the children are not part of the search for your new home, take pictures, pictures, and more pictures!  Pictures of the house, the street, the home, the schools they will attend, local parks, science museums, anything that would be of interest to them.  

A client of mine was moving his family to Colorado from California.  With the family still in California, he was to choose their new home.  That home became one of the most photographed buildings in the state, thanks to Dad.  Swim and soccer teams were scouted, and coaches were eagerly awaiting their new team members.           

What better way to reassure his family that he had their interests foremost in his mind?

Remaining optimistic and eager throughout the move will keep everyone feeling the same. 

There are many “guides to moving,” and even several geared to moving with children.  Doing your homework and preparing everyone for the move will be time well spent. 

Paula Friedman is a Broker Associate at Kentwood Real Estate Cherry Creek in Denver.  For more information, phone 303-919-9016, email paula@kentwood.com.


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