How Sellers choose a Real Estate Agent?

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How do I choose a real estate professional to market my home internationally?

Multilingual Real Estate Agent and Luxury Waterfront Specialist EVA MCMILLAN of Dale Sorensen Real Estate Brevard LLC in Indialantic answers:

This is where a Real Estate Professional with International Experience in real estate and a clear understanding of international clienteles purchasing habits is essential. To make your home appealing to foreign buyers, you'll have to do more than hire the average real estate agent. Your best interest is to pick an agent who specializes in working with foreign buyers and list the property on websites that market homes for sale globally and nationally. Successful international real estate agents have connections to foreign investors and are typically fluent in several languages.

According to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) study, most foreign buyers purchase through referrals and relationships established with real estate agents that they trust and can communicate with effectively. Canadian buyers accounted for the largest share of international clients (32%), followed by buyers from Western Europe (24% , primarily from United Kingdom, France, Germany, buyers from Latin America/Caribbean (23%), and buyers from Asia (10%).

It’s important to understand the cultural differences and various negotiation styles when working with international buyers. Many of my repeat buyers are Chinese, Canadian or European and they do not understand basic things like how the closing process works, how inspections work, HOA Fees and in many countries, appliances are not included in the sale of a home. Many times I need to convert listings form square feet to square meters. These are just a few reasons why a multilingual real estate professional is priceless and can lead to win-win solution for both buyers and sellers.


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