Curating the Home Office

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The working world is changing, with more and more people working from home rather than going into an office. This career freedom brings a level of exclusivity that your appliances should reflect. A home office should balance comfort and professionalism – start here with our top picks for the luxury home office.



This sensor-stacked cube will improve your health, comfort, and productivity, creating the perfect atmosphere for work. The inner technology analyzes its immediate surroundings – air quality, temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, light, and noise levels. Simply shake the small cube and if it glows blue, you’re good to go. If it glows red, check the connected smartphone app for tips, such as “Open a window!” or “Too dark to work!” To pre-order, visit


Sonos Play:5

Cue your workflow playlist and get to work. Sonos is king of synergy between software and hardware, and this device boasts an elegant design and simple instructions. This WiFi-connected speaker streams Amazon Music, Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, or play music straight from your smartphone. Impressive sound from a compact gadget, and expandable into 31 additional rooms – what more could you need? To purchase, visit


Logitech MX Master wireless mouse

The ultimate mouse for masters of their craft. Contoured to fit any hand shape, five programmable buttons, a second programmable scroll wheel for your thumb, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 40 nine-hour days. Plus, it tracks on any surface, even glass. The buttons and wheels enable fine-motion control for a fluid experience. To purchase, visit


Embody Office Chair by Herman Miller

This is the best office chair, period. Made with a health-positive design, it supports circulation and reduces back pain. The chair’s back moves with your body to keep the spine in alignment all day, and the material allows air to flow and keep you cool. It is made in a facility that uses only renewable energy and is 95% recyclable at the end of its useful life – plus, it comes in a variety of sophisticated colors to match your office aesthetic. To purchase, browse, or visit their retail store in New York City.


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