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Hippo Point Kenya Estate

Last March, Elaine & I were appointed exclusive advisors to assist one of the oldest established British-Kenya  families in exploring strategic options or for the sale of their ancestral estate in Kenya. The estate was originally established by the British Lord Delamere, and his descendants continue to manage the home today. In recent years, the hotel has hosted private groups for families and friends such as the British Royal Family, the Bush family, Steve Jobs and Ralph Lauren, among others.

 The estate encompasses a private and exclusive hotel business, two luxurious hotel buildings and staff housing with over six hundred acres of free roaming wildlife on the isthmus between the shores of Lake Naivasha and its adjoining sister lake.  Lake Naivasha is a major tourist destination in Kenya in part because of the vast flocks of Pink Flamingos and other free roaming wildlife, and Kenya is considered to be one of the leading growth markets in Africa today.

The property and business provide not only a fabulous private refuge and game reserve, but also the potential for development, being only 70 miles or a half hour helicopter ride from the thriving city of Nairobi. In addition to the wildlife attraction on the property and in Lake Naivasha, the immediate area is known for supplying the global rose flower industry with millions of fresh flowers delivered nearly every day of the year, is a weekend retreat for business and government families from Nairobi. The property is being offered for $22.5 million.

Following our visit to Hippo Point, Elaine and I conducted an introductory series of meetings in the Mid East (Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai), London and South East Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong), where we met with leading intermediaries including the Sotheby’s International Realty offices, to discuss this unusual opportunity with investment bankers and real estate brokers who may have clients interested in a private retreat or international diversification and expansion in Africa.

 The web site and video can be visited at: www.hippopointkenya.com




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