Kay & Burton Launches Industry Leading Market Report

Will doom saying forecasts of a property crash come to pass? Will Asian, and particularly Chinese, investors who have been such big players in Melbourne’s market run for the exits? Will interest rates continue to be low, and will the mortgage market continue to be so competitive? What impact will President-elect Trump have on global and domestic markets?

These are just some of the questions that Kay & Burton will explore in the new, industry-leading market report launching on 19 November 2016.



The report will bring together an expert team of journalists, industry experts and high-profile business leaders.

For this launch edition, Kay & Burton have partnered with acclaimed construction magnate Peter Schiavello of Schiavello Group as the “Person of Influence”.

In the exclusive story, Mr Schiavello discusses what it takes to be the Managing Director of a highly successful global business and how he inspires his employees to create an empowered work environment.

Schiavello Group are proud to be celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.

The Report is also supported by a highly experienced journalist and long-time contributor to the BRW, Financial Times (UK), South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) and other leading national and international publications.  

Published quarterly, Kay & Burton will focus on their core south-eastern suburbs and seek to understand the impact of global and domestic economic trends on the local property market.

With input from NAB’s chief economist Alan Oster, The Report will look beyond the clearance rate statistics and raw numbers to understand the forces shaping the market and determining its sustainability.

Topics explored in The Report include:

1 How to read Melbourne's two-tier property market

  1. Analysis of the local property market
  2. Population growth big news for Melbourne property market
  3. Asian investment - an update
  4. A look at global economic trends
  5. Person of Influence - Peter Schiavello (Schiavello Group)

For further details on The Report, or to request a sample or interview with Ross Savas or Michael Gibson (Joint Managing Directors), please contact:

Stephanie Jackson

Brand Manager, Kay & Burton


0418 991 428


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