Keyes Luxury Insights: Hollywood's Glass Houses

Courtesy of Kevin M. Leonard, Director of Keyes Luxury Real Estate

I'm sure you are all familiar with the saying - those who live in glass houses,... etc. Well, it seems like Hollywood luxury home owners fall into that group - living surrounded by lots of glass to take in the terrific Hollywood views. Yet a few home owners live in truly prime examples of the "glass house."


For instance, consider Justin Bieber's recent move...

Mega Mansion

Presently, Justin Bieber lives in a Beverly Hills home described as a "mega mansion." Bieber rents the property for $60,000 per month.

Located on Lorna Linda Drive, the Ed-Niles, 6,537 square feet glass-walled home with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms sits on a half-acre lot. Bieber rents the property for almost $60,000 per month on a short lease.

Glass House

Architectural types refer to this house as a "salad spinner" with its massive wall of cylindrical glass. This showcase home is really a glass palace with spectacular views seen through walls of glass as well as a delightful reception room surrounded by glass, etc.

Loving the Luxury

Yes, Justin seems to love this luxurious lifestyle. This splendid mansion features a bar, amazing infinity pool, first-class kitchen, many indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, an atrium - and to top off the luxury - panoramic views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.

Interested in Buying This Glass House?

Sorry, it's not on the market at present. If it was though, be prepared to have some big bucks on hand. This luxury home is bound to cost over $10,000,000.

I am looking forward to the next Luxury Insights when we look at other opulent residences.

Yours In Luxury,

Kevin M. Leonard 

Broker at Valore Group Real Estate

Director of Keyes Luxury Real Estate 


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