There is a Point on the Pacific Where Heaven and Earth Meet & Nature is the True Luxury!

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PUNTA SAYULITA awaits just 45 Minutes from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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Award winning DeReus Architects based in Hawaii make a splash in Punta Sayulita. 

A 33 acre private Peninsula that adorns the unique Bohemian Chic Seaside Village of Sayulita


The Treehouse one of the four Polynesian Open Hand-Crafted Floor plans shown above.

Punta Sayulita is a Hidden Sanctuary, lush vegetation is everywhere, a red crab may pop onto your terrace as you savor a plate of bright orange papaya on your outdoor dining table overlooking the ocean, one early moist morning as the sun begins to shine over Sayulita. Birds play a beautiful array of sounds bouncing of the abundant palm and Papelillo trees. The peaceful beauty of its architecture seems to blend so harmoniously with Mother Nature, 62 Polynesian Hand Crafted EcoFriendly Homes that range in price from $1.6 to $3.9M USD, it is hard to dream of a more perfect place on earth, nature is the true luxury. Stay in a Villa that seems to have sprouted from the ground up, Casa, Casita Escondida, The Treehouse, Casa Bambú and Casona are each built utilizing all natural materials, stone, bamboo, rocks, Palapa palms and BanyanTree trunks, framed by huge glass windows and doors that open up completely to allow nature to co-exist with you, ocean views and a warm breeze warms your smile and each one comes with a private heated pool and spa.


The Beach Club at Punta Sayulita

Punta Sayulita is a place so beautiful that you would never want to leave, but venture into town for the day, hop on your closing gift -four or six seater golf cart- and find out why Sayulita is ever so captivating. To get into town, one must cross the jungle, do so without a worry in the world, your sole concern should be to avoid running over the crabs that sprout out like wild flowers from the ground after the first rain of the season on their way to the sea, this happens in May or June, so I just witnessed what National Geographic calls "One of the most incredible events in nature" on my recent trip. Take a sharp left into the dirt road after you pass the 24/7 surveillance guard entry to Punta Sayulita and you will head over to Playa de Los Muertos through a serene jungle road, on one side you will see the ocean on the other you will find colorful graves warmed by flowers and candle veladoras. Mexican's celebrate death and do not forget their loved ones. Turn the corner and Sayulita starts to reveal itself, you must cross right in the middle of Villa Amor a quaint boutique hotel that sits on the verge of the ocean, the concept of ocean-front takes a whole new meaning, the water is separated only by a narrow street and the guests and staff greet you as you drive by. You can also stay at the Siete Lunas which is very close to the ocean front and ocean view development of Punta Sayulita.


The quaint cobble stone pedestrians streets of Sayulita framed with colorful papel picado that seems to be waiving at you, but first you must stop by Iguanas Garden and Bar. You can't miss it because there is a great big tree that canopies the street, when you look up, you can spot a couple of iguanas peacefully perched on the tree branches. Park your golf cart and order a smoothie or a cold beer and start walking, embrace the many outdoor restaurants and cafés, buy from the street vendors and chic boutiques with cool fashion finds and interior design accents. Every resident seems to live in a permanent state of bliss, catch the children in their surfing gear on their walk back from Costa Verde a bilingual, private, #ecologicalschool, parents seem to live in a perfect world. Everyone, from the baby just learning to crawl to the 82 year old woman carrying her colorful grocery bags as she strolls, lifting them up and down as if they were weights, unanimously believe there is no other place in the world quite like Sayulita, and they are correct.  On this trip I befriended Luca, the Italian restaurant owner and chef of the world class outdoorsy Italian Taverna called MiRoViNo, where even the neighbor's dog loves to hang out peacefully among the dinner guests.  Luca is from Peruggia, Italy, but has lived in Sayulita for over 8 years. The menu is outstanding, from the outdoor oven baked pizzas, to the baked portobello mushroom or the ceviche with mango. The small tables are close to each other and it is very common to end up having very pleasant conversations with the locals sitting on the tables next to yours. Sayulita is the kind of place that makes you want to live here for life, I met a former New Yorker who now calls Sayulita home, Georgia Glennon Photography, she also runs a baby sitting company for tourists. She came to Sayulita for her brother's wedding and immediately confessed to him that she was moving here, she went back to NY closed shop and two weeks later she was living the Sayulita Life, she has been here ever since. I met artists, designers, surfers, shop owners and even a stray dog, who immediately became our friend. Everyone had one thing in common, they are extremely at ease, most probably, it is because they all make a living pursuing their passion, their inner gifts and talents and being who they truly are. If you feel like you are falling in love with the idea of this care free lifestyle, you probably are! Sayulita does that to you, it is an idilic haven for a destination wedding and an expert event photographer knows the ins and outs and can travel with make-up artists, floral designers and wedding planners that will make your romance outshine The Batchelor in Paradise, if Sayulita sounds familiar, YES, the 3rd Season was filmed here. 


The two gypsy girls that own the two coolest shops in town look like models and they promenade up and down the cobble stones wearing their creations of Pacha Mama and Revolución del Sueño. ARTEFAKTORosemary, Sayulita Gold and Debbie de la Cueva are all great shops with amazing finds. Shop away, buy from the indigenous jewelry makers, the hippie boutique owners, the girl that knits the crochet bikini's and the girl that makes the colorful balls of yarn that adorn the streets, bikes and bags in Sayulita. You will quickly realize that everyone is very friendly with those who are fortunate enough to stumble upon Sayulita and no one is here for just a few months, if you love it, you stay! There are about 50 restaurants in Sayulita, so lots of great bites for a town of 5000 people. Waiters in the restaurants are amicable enough to cross serve their menus and yes you can order food from the restaurant next door on the beach, if you simply ask, cab drivers are friendly, funny and safe. Sayulita is just that kind of place, it is about being happy, about being selfless and about pursuing your inner dreams, stress and complications are not part of anyones vocabulary, it is literally "Si SAYULITA" living (with a Mexican magical town accent), right by the sea!  Whether you are attracted by the great Surfing, the Sayulita SUP, the Classic Annual Stand-Up Paddle Board Competition, the Sayulita Festival a Film and Music Festival at the end of January or the PoloMatches in La Patrona in San Pancho, that is just a few minutes away, there is something wonderful about this #PuebloMágico on the beach!


Beach and deck at Surf Club at Punta Sayulita

Punta Sayulita is for those who have it all and want to connect with the things that truly matter in life, it is a place on the Pacific Where Heaven and Earth Meet and Nature is the True Luxury. Come and enjoy a private stay in a $3.3M USD, and if you like it enough, buy it or pick an amazing lot with spectacular ocean views to build one of the four floor plans. Weather you fly private with a LUXE magazine in hand, for a weekend get away out of Beverly Hills, River Oaks or Highland Park, keep in mind that the Puerto Vallarta airport is a short flight away. The villa is an average of $2500 a day and it comes with daily maid service, perfect way for the affluent discriminating buyer to get a taste of the Punta Sayulita lifestyle. Come see why the casual luxury is so captivating. This development by the founders of Casa Herradura offers the Beach & Surf Club, the Restaurant, the Cava, the Spa, a yoga studio and work out facility, that allow you to intake the beauty of everything around you, understand the meaning of HIGHER LIVING, in the amazing residential development that awaits you at PUNTA SAYULITA.

Send Your Qualified Luxury Buyers to Paradise and Earn a Heavenly Referral Fee!

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Gerald Baker — September 6, 2017

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