Professional Photography?

Vero Beach
Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc.

There are many critical aspects of a successful listing, however one is all too often overlooked. In my opinion professional, good photography is so impactful, and will help lead to a timely, successful closing. Most all of homes over $1 million receive this treatment, however more moderately priced homes are sometimes forgotten. Buyer's, now more than ever, start their home search online. In fact according to the most recent NAR statistics, that number stands at 92%. Meaning over 90% of buyers will have their first impression of your home be the photos in your MLS listing. These buyers start to form opinions based on these photos, and will actually discard listings based on what they see. MLS photos become most buyers first impression of your home. 

  Statistics also shows a correlation between the number of photos and the number of impressions. Meaning the more high quality photos, the more looks. And remember, the larger the buyer pool, the quicker the sale.   I always recommend the utilization of a professional real estate photographer. They know the correct lighting, and the best angles. Happy selling!


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