Green Trends

Vero Beach
Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc.

"Green" options in residential real estate are being more sought after then ever! All indicators point towards this being an continuing trend. When some think of "green" options, they picture plants growing on the roof, and unsightly solar panels. Although these are options, they aren't the only!

Energy efficiency is a HUGE issue, not only important to green buyers but every buyer. Any house can be made more energy efficient. Some examples are very simple, such as a switch to all LED lights and installing a programmable thermostat. Others are slightly more of an investment such as low-E windows and energy efficient appliances. The ultimate in energy efficiency is a full solar system. These are not your grandma's solar panels! These can be integrated right into the roof system, unnoticeable to the average person. Especially here, in Florida, these systems can produce enough electricity to power the house. Can you imagine a $0 electric bill?

Water efficiency is another important aspect. From low flow toilet systems, low flow showerheads and tankless water heaters.

In new building we are seeing a trend towards more substainable products. Tile is being made from recycled materials. Carpet options are available made entirely from corn. Bamboo and cork, have been readily available, and are continuing to be on trend. Even insulation, made from reused jean material. It is not only a fantastic insulation, but less expensive then some virgin materials.

Have you made any green choices in your home?



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