Carlton International’s Advice on Foreign Real Estate

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Most people considering entering the foreign property market are in pursuit of a better quality of life and a less stressful future. Finding that first property abroad can be stressful and more than make up for the lifetime of stress-free pool side relaxation you can expect to enjoy after purchase. We at Carlton International have a team of expert consultants ready to provide cutting edge advice and a thorough local knowledge to ease your real estate troubles. We help you with every aspect of the transaction to help you on your way to finally getting your hands on a new set of keys. We invite you to read on for a pragmatic guidance on how to approach foreign real estate.

Our first recommendation is to visit the local area extensively before considering any purchase. It is always important to familiarise oneself with the historical and cultural traditions of a country, to find the destination that most closely corresponds to your personal preferences. This can include anything from food and drink to entertainment. The prices of such commodities as well as energy, petrol and the accessibility of day-to-day necessities should feature heavily in your final decision. Most buyers like to be at least within a one hour drive from a large town or city, and take the availability of food shops, high streets and international schools into account before agreeing to any foreign investment. Not only will this benefit yourself as a home owner, but will also increase the profitability of your residence should you wish to join the thousands of other expatriates who decide to rent out their property while they are away.

Before even making their purchase however, many of these expatriate buyers are often overlooked by local estate agents since they seldom have a mortgage arranged and cannot easily visit property. As a result, the local agent naturally tends to favour a local suitor. Understanding regional regulations regarding property purchases and having the awareness to deal with changing exchange rates, additional taxes and legal fees reassures foreign estate agents that you are a credible buyer and will vastly increase your chances of a successful venture in the foreign property market.

Don’t be intimidated by this however. With rising domestic house prices, low interest rates both at home and overseas and a strong pound, there are plenty of incentives for Britons to invest in overseas real estate at the moment. Take advantage of our extensive local knowledge, our seasonal villa rental and Carlton Signature services, and there are no reasons why you can’t join the 2,000 British citizens who purchase a property abroad every week.


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