The Secret Behind the Success of Home Staging

Scott Maizlish
Summit Sotheby’s
Park City

Courtesy of Scott Maizlish of Summit Sotheby’s


Homeowners and Realtors both want to get the best price when selling a home. And, they want to sell quickly. Of course, that’s what everyone wants. But, just because everyone wants something, doesn’t mean they know the secret to making it happen. It also means that everyone is trying to do the same thing and you need an advantage.

Home staging gives you an edge over other sellers. Whether your home is vacant, going to be vacant, or you’re still living there, home staging pros know the secret to selling yours in 30-60 days. Hire a home staging company to work with you or your Realtor; especially when your home is vacant.

Ivan and Silvie Pokusa own and operate a franchise of Showhomes® in Park City, Utah. Showhomes® is the largest home staging company in America and Silvie and Ivan have successfully staged luxury homes in Promontory and Midway. They have a unique eye for knowing what sells a home and have been doing it for many years. They were kind enough to share some of their secrets.

Think of Your Home as a Product


Every buyer on the market is looking at multiple homes and yours needs to stand out. Even though it can be tough, you have to think of your home like a product. Your buyers are. Does it look its best? Is the interior design really doing it justice? Are there improvements you would make yourself?

Ivan and Silvie can start by performing a Walk & Talk with you and give you tips to immediately improve the look and feel of your home for potential buyers. De-cluttering your home is one of the first things they’ll help you do, and they know what to look for. Some things you don’t consider clutter, home buyers will.

The Right Furniture & Interior Design Sells


Successful home staging isn’t about filling your home with stuff; it’s about creating a feeling of being at home. Silvie and Ivan can help you figure out what furniture should stay, what should go, and what’s missing to make this happen. They’ll work as much as possible with the furnishings you already have to make your home beautiful.

If you’re still living at home, they provide a full-day makeover to prepare your home for showing that may do the trick. And, if you need a little more help, try the Redesign, Reimage, Remake service. This is a more in-depth makeover where they use their design expertise to bring out the best in your home.

If your home is vacant and unfurnished, staging furniture for showings is vital. It’s common knowledge that buyers react more positively to furnished homes. You don’t have to furnish the entire house, just the parts that do the best job of selling. Many times, the buyers will love the furniture and buy it as part of the sale. If they don’t, Ivan and Silvie will sell the furniture for you, and you’ll only pay 35% of the cost. You don’t worry about the hassle of taking care of the furnishings before the buyers move in and you save money. Win, win.

Vacant Homes Are a Liability


That’s why your insurance premiums go up when you notify your insurance company your home will be vacant. If no one is living in the property, a simple thing like a burst pipe could ruin your entire home and wash away your investment. Vacancy also opens your home up to the risks of damages from theft, vandalism, and squatters. Yes, squatters do exist, and you’ll have to get a court order to remove them.

Many people even forget to notify their insurance company that they are vacating the home within a specified time period and this is a huge mistake. This essentially invalidates the policy and if damage occurs while you’re not there, it won’t be covered.

Part of the full home staging process is bringing on a home manager to live in the home. They protect the property, defray the cost of utilities, and keep your home clean for showings. A home manager is also ready to leave the home in an hour’s notice for a showing so they never get in the way.

In Park City, where the winter weather is severe, a home manager will also take care of ice in front of the home that someone can easily slip and fall on, costing you a stack of medical bills.

Silvie and Ivan once placed a manager in a home that saved the homeowner’s property from one of those nightmare insurance scenarios. A bad thunderstorm with high winds caused damage to a home and started a fire in the yard that would have led to the house if the home manager hadn’t been there to put it out.

It Has to Feel Like Home


“People will turn down a house just because it doesn’t feel good. It has to feel like home to a potential buyer for them to purchase. Buyers should feel so welcome, they want to sit down and get comfortable,” says Ivan. All of the services they provide are designed to make potential buyers feel like your home should be theirs. This is no easy task. Ivan and Silvie have been doing it for years and they’re a part of the biggest home staging company in the country for a reason. They know how to make buyers fall in love with your home. This is the secret to selling any great product, but very few actually know how to do it.

You can reach Silvie and Ivan at 1-801-200-4241 or visit their website and find out more about everything they offer. If you want to sell your home quickly and for the best price, they’ll help us do it.


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