Winfield Luxury Homes In North Scottsdale

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Winfield in North Scottsdale is a glorious location where architecture meet nature. Everything that is exemplary and beautiful about the state of Arizona can be found right here outside your door. From the blue skies and feathery clouds to cacti and one of a kind rock formations at the majestic Winfield Mountain, there is much to recommend this natural commodity. But it is also a place where you can live, whether single, retired, or as a family, and enjoy life at the speed it was intended. A laid back life is something you deserve after putting in the time and energy to be successful, and that's what you will find if you live in this area. Here are some of the top amenities to which you can look forward.


Winfield Mountain

Again, there are many natural wonders in Arizona, but none with the kind of beauty and charm that you'll see from the Winfield Mountain. It's various rock formations defy expectations - in a good way - and the location is often a comfortable temperature year round thanks to the mountain's close proximity. Everything that makes Arizona unique is right outside your door when you choose to make this location your home.

Amenity Rich Lifestyle

The joy of living at Winfield in North Scottsdale goes well beyond the natural wonders and beauty that are constantly surrounding you. Living here means that you have access to swimming pools, fitness opportunities, tennis, and a variety of other things that just aren't available to the average home owner. It would cost a fortune to install these things in a home at another location, but living here it's all provided at an affordable price. Outdoor barbecues and the country club atmosphere are never far from you and are easy to take advantage of if that's what you're looking for out of a home.

Modern Convenience

Even though it may seem like you're located far from the maddening crowd when you call Winfield home, the reality is that no modern convenience has been removed. Water, electricity, reliable high speed Internet - it's all there for your convenience so you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of living away from congested areas, but you can still have every advantage that living in a city has to offer. And if you really want to step out for the evening, North Scottsdale is nearby, boasting the best in dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities for you no matter what stage of life you're in.

To get a home at Winfield in North Scottsdale, contact an agent with experience in the marketplace and with the Scottsdale area in particular. A great home awaits where homes and nature meet. Are you ready to enjoy the best of both worlds? Then Winfield in Scottsdale, AZ is worth a visit.


Beautiful! I live in your alternative universe: May to September is perfect in the Pacific Northwest Coast...then it's over to you, and amazing Scottsdale.

Liane ("Li") Read — April 27, 2013

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