Paradise Valley Estate Extreme Luxury Homes

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Sometimes the word "exclusive" gets thrown around haphazardly, but not in the case of Paradise Valley Estates. This wondrous mountain location takes every dream home you've ever imagined and rolls them up into a few homes that only the wealthy can afford. It's a place many hard working Americans aspire to, but one that only a few will get the honor and privilege of cherishing. Homes here range from $1.3 million on the very low end to mid- and high seven figures. They make great tax shelters and investments, while also offering a full on indulgence of the finer things in life. This is where you come to retire, raise a family, or just enjoy the fruits of your labor. But space is limited, so here's what you should consider before making a purchase?


The competition

When a home goes on the market in Anytown USA, it may sit for a while because there are more homes around that are similar in size and offerings. The choices that homeowners have are more varied at lower income levels. When you're looking at a home like this one, however, that's not something you can count on. The homes of the Paradise Valley Estates are so highly sought after by other buyers more than capable of taking on the purchase price, that it's not uncommon to experience grueling competition when it comes to getting a home at the price you desire. Keep in mind, also, that many homeowners here are in a position to take your offer or leave it, so the negotiation dance is much more challenging.

Nature vs. city

You won't necessarily be located far from all the conveniences of city life, but if you're the type of person, who has to be right there in the middle of the action, then the mountainous surroundings are something you should consider. Paradise Valley Estates are located near the glorious Camelback Mountains in beautiful Paradise Valley, AZ, and thus they are more associated with escapism. You move here because you want to be closer to nature, and that's exactly what you are once settled in.

The upkeep

Most people who choose to live in the Paradise Valley Estate homes understand that they're buying into a lot more than a house. Retirees may find the size a little hard to take care of on their own. If you can afford help for landscaping and upkeep, then you will be in a much better position to enjoy your new luxury home.

With this particular portion of Phoenix real estate, you can expect the very best, and that's what you'll get. To take advantage, make sure you contact an agent, who knows the market and the area.


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