Is your home getting the on-line presence it needs?


The facts are the facts: Over 90% of Homebuyers start their home search on-line, whether they have contacted an agent or not. On-line exposure is important for many reasons.

You want to get YOUR home in front of as many buyers as possible. A strong internet campaign can make the difference between a quick sale and a home that sits on the market for weeks, months or ever years (God forbid!).

The Klopas/Stratton team was one of the first real estate professional teams to invest heavily in internet marketing. Longevity in SEO optimization affords us top billing in many searches organically. Every brokerage is on-line these days, but does your realtor go that extra mile... spend that extra dollar to make sure the buyer is in the driver's seat? Time and time again, we have buyers walk in to our listings with OUR brochures. This tells me they are finding the properties on their own, not through their realtor. It's proven effective.

Our goal is to come prepared and for you to leave satisfied.

The first showing at a home should really feel like the second showing with today's technology. Virtual tours and floor plans, now more than ever, are a crucial part of marketing and positioning your home for the quickest and highest sale. As a home sits on the market - it's dollar capture rate falls and falls.

The following report shows websites for the industry ‘Business and Finance – Real Estate’, ranked by Visits for the week ending 01/28/2012.



Very interesting!!   Appreciated this post.

Liane ("Li") Read — February 20, 2012

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