Park City A Top Ten Luxury Real Estate Second Home Market

Park City
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Park City and Deer Valley were recently featured in Barron' as one of the top luxury real estate second home markets in the United States.  The article highlights markets that have hit bottom and are seeing increases in value.

Deer Valley In Park City, Utah was featured as the 6th Best Luxury Real Estate Market.

Here is the Barron' overview:

6. Deer Valley, Utah . It couldn’t be easier to fly into this world-class ski haven. Abundant nonstop flights to Salt Lake City, which is less than an hour’s drive away, give the area a clear edge over other Rocky Mountain snow spots. Park City is the main commercial attraction, but the place to go for your hideaway is the gated community of Tuhaye. Built by Canadian-based Talisker, which developed much of Deer Valley and now owns the local Waldorf-Astoria hotel and Canyons ski resort, Tuhaye offers top-notch golf, great dining and the opportunity to custom-build the house of your dreams. Tuhaye prices: 2009 Median: no sales 
2010 Median: $1.3 million

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Very interesting, impression is that the "uptick" is finally underway in luxury sales, and globally so.    People getting out of heavy cash positions...fear of currency instability?   Safe haven seeking?   Hmmm....

Liane ("Li") Read — March 27, 2011

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