Early Fall musings...

Re/Max Sea To Sky Real Estate

September 22, 2009.

OK...it's official. It's now really Fall, and the calendar says so.

Remember to enjoy the Annual Apple Festival, on October 4th. This is a great event, and the historic apple trees (varieties we can't get anymore!) are spilling forth their fruit. Enjoy the events, and the tours of the orchards.

The new radio station is up and running...can't do call in programs, yet, and that might take until November, but it's worth tuning in to this great community feature. If you can't get it on the fm dial (107.9), then catch it live, via streaming audio, on www.cfsi-fm.com (yes, I'm still doing the Monday morning show, with Mark, the owner of Bocados Bistro, from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Your suggestions for the show are welcome!).

I do advertise my listings on the new station, as am always looking for a way to get the information on great properties "off the island". The Monday morning show, though, is separate from my real estate life.

Our buyer profile for real estate, as you know, is not "local". The Driftwood print supplement is only seen when the buyer is on the Island; it doesn't "bring them".

I do feature my website on the Driftwood's online version, and the supplement is picked up that way, too. However, I don't know that this "old style" of print listings presentation is the way to attract today's buyer.

It's constantly being reported that 98% of buyers say they begin their search on the internet. Realtors are no longer needed in their old capacity of "we know everything/call us for info" mode.

The buyers are searching/seeking, long before they make a decision as to "where" they will focus their search and long before they decide on the "when" of arrival time, physically, to view options.

For a realtor, it's extraordinarily expensive to constantly be in the print media, and it's very random as to whether a buyer will view. I've been tracking this for some substantial time period...years, not months....and I can see that it is valid to be "there", locally, when boaters are in our waters/tourists might be sauntering through, falling in love with the Island en route. That means, July/August/September.

Before that, and after that, the local print media options do not deliver a buyer. Sellers need to understand that their realtor would be better advised to be spending their marketing budget where it brings forth a buyer. Otherwise, it's just entertainment for those who already live here.

I do plan to change my marketing strategy. I value listings. However, for me, it doesn't stop with getting the listing...I also actively seek the buyer. Otherwise, the ball of the transaction can't roll... It requires both a willing seller and a willing buyer to create a successful outcome.

Stay tuned, as I evolve a new marketing paradigm, that truly reflects what has occurred in the real estate industry. The internet has totally changed everything, and the real estate industry was late to the table of change. Just check out the car industry, the stock market side of investing, etc. Not the same as five years ago! It's our turn, as a real estate industry.

No one is exempt. It's not biz as usual, for anyone, and that includes realtors and sellers.

More info? Give me a call! Your thoughts are always welcome!



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