Google one number shrinking everything onto a simple (& small) mobile device????

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Favorite Google is letting us have one contact phone number, which can stay with us "for life", and connect with various of our phone options, and it's a free service, at the this the beginning of our entire digital lives shrinking to our phones?

Desktop computers (are they still around?), laptops, netbooks, all going to the recycling depots, and what we hold in our hand, put in our pocket, will hold our entire lives?

The world collapsed into a chip?

Think about this...

Certainly means it's not biz as usual, whether "real biz" or personal biz. Communication can happen "always", it's always "now", and the expectation of an instant response is a fact of life.

I texted or spoke or emailed, and I expect an answer asap, in real time....

These are the outcomes of the internet revolution...the erasure of time, geography, gender,'s intellect to intellect...and this binary world demands us to be in between. No "no man's land", no space to be's about an immediate response.

And no pause function, that's for sure! It's not a VCR or a DVD player. The station is always on, the players are always will be massaging us into being different people.

Marshall McLuhan was right...the medium is the message.

Hope your editing function is in good order!

Data is data, not information, until we bring ourselves to it. We have to do it in an instant timeframe, though. A reactive response is something different than what we've been used to.

Are you on the page?


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