Leveraging record-breaking sales


By Charlene Meenan

Great success should always inspire people to achieve more in their lives and professional careers. At Chase International, success is praised and shared with the entire company. It does not matter if it is your first sale, just a sale or a company best. I think that lays the groundwork to make you want to be your best and to understand that there are no limits on what you can achieve unless you put them there.

When you see your fellow agents achieve what you are just dreaming of it wakes up the dream inside you and makes you say, “I can do that.” The best part is that Chase International believes in each of their agents and knows that through hard work, dedication and focus the sky is the limit for each of us. As for me, I am inspired by success. I want to be around successful people who give back to society and are thankful for their abundance. Successful people attract success therefore I know that even greater success is coming to me today and every day.

I firmly believe there is lots of room at the top if you just go for it!


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Steve Baron — May 6, 2021

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