Relocating with White Gloves On

Relocation is always a challenge because it depends on who the relocation person is. It is about a constant relationship between that relocation director and our company. It is important to keep the brokers in front of them at all times. It is very much a one-on-one, face-to-face proposition. The referrals we do get have about a 90-percent success rate because we use the concierge style of service. We are definitely a time saver for them.

What I mean by full concierge service is everything from making an appointment with the school principal to having a babysitting service on site; if they have a two-year-old and need to look at a house we need to accommodate them. Relocation is about micro-managing people’s lives. Our clients are very impressed because we give them more than we promised. They wouldn’t think of leaving us.

Additionally, matching our agent to the client is critical. Look for things the agent may have in common with the client, i.e the wife loves horse back riding or has a teenager. Then I could match them up to the agent who was really athletic and had a teenager of his or her own.


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