Pam Schiller


Kentucky Select Properties, Prospect, Kentucky, United States

After being in corporate sales and marketing for over 15 years, Pam made her decision to follow her passion in real estate. She has been surrounded by real estate all her life, as her mother has been one of the top agents in Louisville for over 30 years. Pam is a natural at finding what her customers want and providing them with the service they deserve. As a native of Louisville, Pam knows the different areas and communities and can provide her customers with the knowledge they need to find that perfect house that will become their perfect Home. Pam lives in Prospect with her husband. She has one son at The University of Louisville and one son at Trinity High School. She has her undergraduate degree from WKU and her MBA from Kennesaw State College. In her spare time you will find her decorating a friend's home or redecorating her own, as design is her hobby. Her hobby is also a huge benefit to her customers. With her eye for style and design, she can assist you in staging your home that is for sale or visualizing what the home you are buying could become. Pam is the agent that will work hard for you today and will remember you in the future.

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  • Louisville, KY, USA


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Pam Schiller

3210 Hillcreek Court Prospect, Kentucky 40059 United States
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