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October 3, 2008

Mass Data Transfer, RETS and the Lounge

I've just started working on an update to our Mass Data Transfer system. Some features that are under consideration for the Lounge: Validation and uploading of files Instead of emailing a copy of the file to us for validation, there will be an upload form that validates the file, and puts it in the queue to be processed. Validation results should be nearly instantaneous. FTP will still be available for those who want to automate file upload.

October 3, 2008

Ilya’s Photography offers amazing views of Cannes Yacht Show

By Robert Lockard Ilya Moshenskiy, the Principal Photographer of Ilya’s Photography, recently came home from an eventful trip to Cannes for the International Boat & Yacht Show. He arrived with a whole bunch of beautiful photos highlighting the celebration of luxurious watercraft of all shapes and sizes. Check out his collection of photos here: Ilya is no stranger to covering big events with his keen eye for small details. Near the end of summer this year, he took time to photograph beautiful images at Seafair in Seattle. He has also been present at many Luxury Real Estate conferences, and he will be at the 13th Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference on Oct. 11-14, 2008. He’s such a hard worker and we definitely appreciate all of his efforts here at Luxury Real Estate. Enjoy some of his amazing work below. Be sure to contact him at Contact him at ilya (at) or 425.883.2246 for all of your photography needs, including luxury homes, events, food and more.