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February 19, 2013

Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. Release’s Their Fourth Issue of Prestigio Magazine, Bringing Luxury Real Estate To Your Fingertips

Courtesy of Teressa Francis of Intero Real Estate   Cupertino, CA – It’s round four for Intero Real Estate Services’ Intero Prestigio virtual magazine and this one features luxury properties spanning from the California Coast to the Colorado Rockies. It is a combination of the innovative, tech savvy power of the Silicon Valley headquartered real estate company and their division specializing in high-end real estate. This issue includes a serene Zen garden, an elegant country estate and a refurbished castle.

October 30, 2012

Issue Two of Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.’s Intero Prestigio Virtual Magazine Offers Pure Elegance

Courtesy of Teressa Francis of Intero Real Estate Cupertino, CA – It’s round 2 for Intero Real Estate Services’ Intero Prestigio virtual magazine and this one features even more luxury properties than the last. Still a combination of the innovative, tech savvy power of the Silicon Valley based Real Estate Company and their division specializing in high-end real estate; it looks as if the program has exploded overnight.

January 26, 2011

Top 10 Places To Buy Abroad In 2011

Courtesy of Luxury Homes by VAPF According to the well-known ‘A Place in the Sun’ magazine, Spain has once again come top as the favourite British destination for buying a holiday home, ahead of neighbouring France, Portugal, Italy, Florida, Turkey and other Mediterranean locations. The results of the study carried out by the British publication, specialized in overseas properties, situate the Spanish coast as the most popular location for second homes, having carried out a worldwide research on the standards of living and the property options available in each country. Hundreds of the magazine’s readers and visitors to the exhibitions they organize have pointed out their reasons for purchasing their dream hideaway home in Spain and the survey also reveals the costs involved in buying and owning a house in this sunny country. The result is that Spain tops the chart of the best places to buy abroad in 2011, with all the right ingredients: a great transport network that makes travelling to and from Spain extremely easy, an extensive cultural offer, well-established infrastructure and, of course, the fundamentals, sun, sea and siesta!

March 9, 2010 Announces Katrina Campins of The Campins Company and Star of The First Season of The Apprentice As the Featured Speaker at the 8th Annual Luxury Real Estate Spring Retreat

Courtesy of: Katrina S. Campins, Founder of The Campins Company, is among the most visible and successful real estate professionals in the country. Headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, with offices in Chicago and Maryland as well as a proprietary network of brokers called The Campins Clique Nationwide, Katrina’s sales production ranks her among the top ½ percent of realtors’ nationwide. She has been featured in numerous publications including recognition as Realtor Magazine’s ‘Top 30 Under 30’ in 2004, Forbes, USA Today, NY Post, NY Times, Sports Illustrated, Ocean Drive, ESPN, Player Magazine, Variety Magazine, the covers of People Magazine, US Weekly, In Touch an d many more. Katrina continues to leverage her media exposure to further her real estate career and build The Campins brand, thus providing exposure to her properties and clients. Katrina has and continues to appear on NBC, VH1, E!, HGTV, SITV, Topps TV, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, MTV, BBC and starred in Bravo’s docu-drama, Miami Social.

September 30, 2008

Mexican luxury real estate leaps forward with Las Villas De Mexico

By Las Villas de Mexico Las Villas de Mexico, a newly announced collection of luxury resorts spread across Mexico’s top tourist locations, is sponsoring the 13th Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference, which will be hosted in Philadelphia on October 11-14, 2008 at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia. Planners of Las Villas de Mexico are currently building 1,000 luxury properties in four locations: Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Subsequent phases are expected to include other Mexican destinations such as San Miguel de Allende. The first pre-construction purchase opportunities are scheduled to be offered in the first week of December 2008. “We have created a whole-ownership concept that is altogether different from anything else on the marketplace,” said Brett Sawyer, director of international sales at Las Villas de Mexico. “By purchasing a Las Villas de Mexico home, owners become part of a greater community of multiple locations throughout Mexico, all of them dedicated to the very best luxury experience, from world-class golf and spas to stunning beaches.”

September 24, 2008

Decorati designer feature: Robert Passal, style infusion

By Donna Sapolin From her magazine article: Decorati Designer Feature: Robert Passal, Style Infusion Welcome to a designer feature by Decorati, the online resource for high-end interior design. In this post, we are featuring New York-based interior designer Robert Passal, who has transformed this 2,200-square-foot apartment on Manhattan’s tony upper eastside. See below for some tips that you can use for staging your next home. His mission: to diffuse the banality of new construction by administering a healthy dose of visual intrigue to heartily lived-in, white-box rooms devoid of interior architecture. Designed for a couple with two infants, his furnishings plan shuns the sort of precious, hands-off quality that some elegant schemes engender and, instead, welcomes the thrills and spills of everyday life with wear-resistant surfaces and a few colors that politely refuse to show the (sometimes grubby) touch of human hands. Passal’s design concept focused on the creation of dimension and interest through geometry and texture.

September 16, 2008 Magazine winter 2009 issue reservations due soon!

By Brian Langhorst Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, a worldwide membership organization, publishes Magazine as an additional advertising opportunity for our invitation-only membership. This industry-leading magazine can be seen in over 40 countries around the world as well as in luxury service providers, storefronts, spas and boutiques throughout the United States. Our next issue will be for winter of 2009. I highly recommend advertising in this dynamic marketing piece as an effective way to reach high-net-worth investors and buyers through both online and print advertising. We continue to see print advertising driving Web traffic!

September 11, 2008

Luxury vacations are a steal right now

By Robert Lockard I don’t have a whole lot of time today, but I just wanted to share an interesting CNN article entitled “The staycation effect: 5 reasons to travel now.” Because people have been very wise with their money this summer and have not gone on as many vacations, right now is a great time to take a vacation. Many hotels and luxury resorts are offering special discounts to entice people to get out of their homes and into a luxury community. As soon as I saw this story I thought of Andrew Harper. They’re the experts on luxury hotels and travel, and they’ve posted some great blog entries in the Luxury Real Estate Blog on scoring free hotel upgrades and 10 places in the U.S. to see before you die. Plus, I just finished writing a City Spotlight on Nassau, Bahamas for the winter 2009 issue of Magazine. That definitely seems like an excellent getaway in the Caribbean. I can’t wait until the magazine comes out so you can read my fun take on the islands. I wish I had more time to talk about this topic, but I highly recommend reading the whole CNN article. It’s quite concise and informative. Enjoy!

August 4, 2008

Ten more reasons to attend the 13th Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference in Philadelphia

By Yvonne Harvey I was surprised to see a copy of US Airways Magazine on my desk this week with a sticky note on it saying “Info for Conference.” I was perplexed on what that would have to do with our conference in Philadelphia. Then I saw it. In the top right-hand corner in small letters are the words “Philly’s Best-Kept Secrets.” Well, hello! I thought I would list them out for you, and maybe you can guess which one really jumped out at me.
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