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August 10, 2010

Rimontgó launches mobile version of its blogs

Courtesy of Ignacio Artagoitia de la Cruz of Rimontgó It wasn’t that long ago that mobiles were for phone calls and computers were the means through which you did your accounts, sent emails and accessed a website. The latest generation of mobile phones has taken the hand-held device into new territory, effectively blurring the lines of division between computer and ‘cell phone’. Improved capacity, memory, speed, screen quality and wireless reach means you can now access virtually every function and facility that was once the preserve of a computer. This includes emails, work documents, photo albums, computer games and the Internet, but also an absolutely huge and rapidly growing number of programmes specially designed with hand-held devices in mind. Generally known as apps, they are revolutionising the software industry in their own right, and taking the digital revolution in a new direction. There are apps for anything from World Cup results and match analyses to financial trackers, automatic translators and booking services. In fact, there are thousands of applications to choose from. Some might work better than others, but it is fair to say we’re at the beginning of yet another chapter in the digitalisation of the world. Just twenty years ago few people had a home computer or a mobile phone. Since then we have acquired both, then added a small, portable laptop and now finally taken the miniaturisation to a new level with pocket-sized Smartphones: Blackberrys, iPhones, Android OS devices, etc.

March 16, 2009

East Bay Real Estate - Global Internet Marketing Works!

By Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty Because of Jim Walberg’s focus on a global internet marketing strategy, we are serving Buyers from all over the world. The latest Buyer called from Greece last month. We have a very focused internet marketing strategy for our San Francisco Bay Area and Caribbean real estate services. In addition, our participation as members of the exclusive Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate allows us to have all of the properties we represent on - the worlds most viewed website for luxury real estate throughout the world. That one website receives between three to four million hits a month!

September 10, 2008

Should I buy a franchise or go it alone?

By Michael Marquette From his blog: Should I Buy a Franchise or Go It Alone? How much is a brand worth when deciding whether to join a franchise? Throughout Australia there are plenty of agencies willing to sell their letterhead and designs to almost anyone willing to pay the money to get it. Real estate names like LJ Hooker, Ray White, Richardson & Wrench, Laing+Simmons, First National, Hocking Stuart and now McGrath are all competing with many others to get the agent-come-entrepreneur’s buck. To secure the franchise there are a number of requirements – an office in a prominent position is usually one of them. This, in itself, is cause for alarm in a world where the Internet is a part of life and online searches are an everyday thing. Most of us use Google some or most of the time as an Internet search engine, yet how many of us have been to the Google office? Where is their office?

August 1, 2008

Introducing the Luxury Lounge

By Michael Edlund The Luxury Lounge is an exciting project we’ve been busy working on over here at Luxury Real Estate. The Luxury Lounge is a gated social-networking community for professionals within the affiliate network to make connections with quality peers all over the world. Initially, you will be able to search and connect to people, send private messages and write public comments to others, write and comment on blog posts and discuss topics in forums.

July 31, 2008

Luxury Real Estate Blog on the rise on Google

By Robert Lockard Thanks in large part to all of the wonderful contributors within the global Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate network, the Luxury Real Estate Blog is making a tremendous ascent in its ranking on major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and MSN. is the most-viewed luxury real estate Web site in the world and it comes up first on most searches for luxury properties, luxury homes and luxury real estate. But the Luxury Real Estate Blog is fairly new and we’re building it up to the heights of our main Web site. We owe much of our success to Jim Walberg, John Brian Losh and many other bloggers who consistently contribute their fun work

July 25, 2008

Philosophy of capturing leads: To capture or not

By Brian Langhorst is the most-viewed and most-visited luxury real estate website in the world. For this reason we opt not to capture the visitors of our website right away to search properties around the world. We realize many of our visitors are of very high net worth and have very limited time, thus the idea of creating restrictions does not make sense. On the other hand, I see many websites who capture their visitor traffic right away.

July 25, 2008

Summer 2008 issue of Magazine is out!

By Courtney Jackson The summer 2008 issue of Magazine was just released. Be sure to pick up a copy or view it online. Editor’s Note: Courtney Jackson is the Print Director for She works closely with The Wall Street Journal, Unique Homes and a variety of other publications to help luxury brokers gain domestic and international exposure for their properties. It’s funny, but I just read in another website, called, that Magazine came out today. Very cool!

July 23, 2008

Turning an average news release into a great one

By Robert Lockard I hope this doesn’t sound too prideful, but I really like what I write. And I do a lot of writing as the Public Relations & Media Specialist for While my blogs on ActiveRain and the Blog are sometimes quickly written and they don’t have the benefit of as much outside editing as I usually receive for my other work, I think they give you a taste of my writing skill and style.

July 22, 2008

Blogging: A new business era and global community

By Jean-Yves Piton I recently came across some remarkable facts about blogging. Did you know that, as of 2008, 70 million weblogs exist, about 120,000 new blogs are started each day or 1.4 new blogs are created every second, according to a report by David Sifry, founder and CEO of technorati. Impressive, isn’t it? And blogging keeps on growing universally! As a business professional, do yourself a favor: embrace this change rapidly.

July 18, 2008 members receive 90% off services

By Joey Pauley We are pleased to announce has negotiated a monumental deal with that we are able to offer to you. The price is only $750 a year for an Enhanced Company Profile and 10 Enhanced Properties on At Luxury Lifestyle’s normal rate, this would cost $10,500. This offer is exclusively for members of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate.
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