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September 11, 2008

Luxury vacations are a steal right now

By Robert Lockard I don’t have a whole lot of time today, but I just wanted to share an interesting CNN article entitled “The staycation effect: 5 reasons to travel now.” Because people have been very wise with their money this summer and have not gone on as many vacations, right now is a great time to take a vacation. Many hotels and luxury resorts are offering special discounts to entice people to get out of their homes and into a luxury community. As soon as I saw this story I thought of Andrew Harper. They’re the experts on luxury hotels and travel, and they’ve posted some great blog entries in the Luxury Real Estate Blog on scoring free hotel upgrades and 10 places in the U.S. to see before you die. Plus, I just finished writing a City Spotlight on Nassau, Bahamas for the winter 2009 issue of Magazine. That definitely seems like an excellent getaway in the Caribbean. I can’t wait until the magazine comes out so you can read my fun take on the islands. I wish I had more time to talk about this topic, but I highly recommend reading the whole CNN article. It’s quite concise and informative. Enjoy!

August 8, 2008

Bloggers love helping other bloggers succeed

By Robert Lockard Jim Walberg, the co-Owner/Broker of The Bay Area Team in San Francisco, told me something really cool a few days ago. He said, “Bloggers are the most open and sharing community I have found on the Internet. They want every blogger to win!” I have definitely found that to be true.

July 23, 2008

Turning an average news release into a great one

By Robert Lockard I hope this doesn’t sound too prideful, but I really like what I write. And I do a lot of writing as the Public Relations & Media Specialist for While my blogs on ActiveRain and the Blog are sometimes quickly written and they don’t have the benefit of as much outside editing as I usually receive for my other work, I think they give you a taste of my writing skill and style.

July 17, 2008 provides novel approach to social networking

By Brian Langhorst I was recently invited to join the network by our member, Eric Kodner of Wayzata Lakes Realty and Madeline Island Realty in Minnesota and Wisconsin, respectively. is a business-networking site that allows you to rate people that you have worked with, as well as view the reputation score of others you may be interested in referring business to. I invite you to check out this new network for yourself.

July 10, 2008

Networking at the Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference

By Brian Langhorst Who would you like to network with at the upcoming 13th Annual Fall Luxury Real Estate Conference in Philadelphia this October? Networking is one of the main facets that can distinguish top luxury real estate agents from their competition. Who would you like to have dinner with, have a conversation with, or simple meet at our event to help your business?

July 8, 2008

Are you investing in U.S. luxury real estate?

By Jean-Yves Piton With a devalued U.S. dollar against many other foreign currencies (i.e. Euro, Pound Sterling, etc.), now is the best time to invest in luxury real estate in the United States. Whether this initiative is part of your diversification strategy or not, your property investment(s) in the United States will pay off in both the short and long term. Namely, your purchasing power is greater today in the United States and your ability to create greater returns in the future is increased tremendously.

July 3, 2008

Sonics basketball no longer in Seattle

By Brian Langhorst As in luxury real estate, sometimes selling and parting with something close to your family is tough. This example easily extends over to the situation of the Seattle Supersonics, a National Basketball Association team, being sold and now moving to Oklahoma City, as you can read in this Seattle Times article.

July 1, 2008

Bloggers beware! Copyright battle might be coming

By Robert Lockard A helpful warning to bloggers: “Be prepared.” It’s the Boy Scout motto and it’s also good advice for people in all walks of life. It appears that many bloggers, myself included, are a little unprepared for the possibility of close scrutiny of blogging. What if we were told that we had used too much of someone else’s news article in our blog entry or that we got our facts wrong and are guilty of negligence or even defamation? It’s a scary thought, but that’s the risk we take in offering our work in a public environment.

June 25, 2008

Relocation & referrals from

By Janice Ridge As a member of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, you have the opportunity to be included in the referral opportunities that come through our network. We have seasoned staff working with our members to provide value through this unique network of the best of the best in luxury real estate. I also want to remind everyone in our community that we have excellent referral opportunities coming through daily from all over the world for you. In our membership we are happy to help with broker-to-broker, relocation and need-an-agent referrals. We only refer within our network to our members.

June 24, 2008

FYI: Your listings on

By Brian Langhorst Did you know that we track the number of listings that you upload that do not have addresses? We are undertaking a membership-wide commitment to improve the quality of the data/listings that are on This is a very exciting and strong opportunity for all of us. When you enter your listings with accurate information it helps us to provide tools and accurate search results for your and our end customers – the buyer! So please enter all the information you have on to all of your listing on! Please contact me to speak more about your listings and how to get the most out of your membership with us. Email me at blanghorst at Editor’s Note: Brian Langhorst is’s Membership Manager. He meets members’ unique needs through the dynamic services provides. We at are committed to providing excellent service to brokers around the world and to buyers and sellers, as well. Be sure to take the time to contact Brian to find out more about how you can make your listings more effective on our Web site.
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