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August 7, 2012

Luxury in a Modern World

       Courtesy of Michel Cruz, Rimontgo Real Estate The luxury sector is booming. Why? Because in addition to a solid traditional base in the developed economies of Western Europe, North America, Australasia and Japan there is now also a veritable explosion in the numbers of people from emerging markets who are euphemistically called ‘emerging classes’, but might more accurately be referred to as the New Rich.

February 10, 2011

Need Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas? Paradizo Reveals the Most Romantic Valentine Gifts

Courtesy of Amy Lombard of Paradizo BARCELONA, SPAIN (Feb. 3, 2011) /PRNewswire/ -- As February brings in a freezing chill, Valentine's Day is heating up and sprinkling hearts, lace, reds and pinks all over. Forgo the tired ideas of chocolates and flowers and give a truly spectacular Valentine's Day gift. The luxury vacation experts at Paradizo have named their top ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for 2011.

March 18, 2010

Caribbean Rum Wars – USVI – 1, Puerto Rico – 0!

Courtesy of: Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty Ten days ago Sen. George LeMieus (R), from Florida proposed a bill that would have ruined the Virgin Island economy! This week, through the behind the scenes efforts of Gov. deJongh from the USVI and several of the Territory’s influential friends were successful in having it voted down by the U.S. Senate!!!

December 2, 2009

Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty Wins “The Best Real Estate Agency – Caribbean" at the International Residential Property Awards 2009

Courtesy of: Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty   Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty won “The Best Real Estate Agency – Caribbean” at the International Residential Property Awards 2009 held in association with CNBC in San Diego Nov 12th. These awards are the property industry’s most prestigious awards programme dedicated to finding the best real estate professionals across the globe.

July 31, 2009

National Geographic Geotourism Challenge – 2009 Finalist: St. Croix, USVI

By Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty For the past two years the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute on St. Croix has been selected by the National Geographic Geotourism Challenge as a Top Ten Finalist out of 611 entrants from around the world. The VISFI is located on more than 100 acres in the rain forest of St. Croix. The mission of VISFI is: To provide a working educational farm enterprise that integrates sustainability in education, environment, and community through quality instruction in Agroecology and related fields. The National Geographic Geotourism Challenge promotes innovations that benefit local communities and cultural landscapes in tourist destinations. The 2009 theme is “The Power of Place: Sustaining the Future of Destinations.”

July 28, 2009

Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty, Hosted The 34th Annual Men & Boys Campout

By: Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty For the past 34 years, Jim Walberg has hosted a campout for any men and boys who want to attend. The location of this event is Leavitt Meadows Wilderness Campground along the West Walker River on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California at 7,500 feet. This year we had 52 men and boys who enjoyed a time of expanding friendships while enjoying camping and fishing.

July 16, 2009

Caribbean Fractionals Continue To Defy World Economic Crisis!

By: Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty One of the truths about real estate is that all real estate is local. The world news continues to report each day the demise of real estate because of the world’s credit meltdown, however there are always real estate locations that are still thriving. The Caribbean fractionals are one of those locations.

June 22, 2009

Caribbean Realtor/Sailor’s Mantra - “Do Not Be Fearful!”

 By Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty When a yacht leaves the docks for sailing adventure, the family and friends of the crew are standing on the dock waving your hands goodbye, and shouting “Do not be fearful!” This well known sailor’s mantra is because the crew have no idea what is going to happen during their voyage.

June 15, 2009

Caribbean Surfing - Jim Walberg’s Top Picks!

By Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty So how does a surfer kid from Southern California end up falling in love with the Caribbean? Have you ever seen the surfing opportunities in Barbados and Tortola? If your answer is YES, then you know the other answer, too. I arrived in Redondo Beach in 1948, and lived on the beach for the first 21 years of my life. I thought it was normal to live a block from the pier and enjoy all the Pacific Ocean offered - everyday! I thought all things connected to the Pacific Ocean were normal - sailing, surfing, diving, beach volleyball, pier fishing, boat deliveries to Mexico, and a hundred more activities. In hindsight I was one the luckiest kids I know because of growing up with amazing experiences connected to the Pacific Ocean - every day. I had no idea that my love for the ocean would lead me to the Caribbean Islands and then create an international real estate company.

May 28, 2009

Caribbean Luxury Rentals - An Alternative To Owning!

By Jim Walberg of Carribean Islands Realty Yes, you can enjoy Jim Walberg’s Caribbean Paradise without owning a Fractional deeded ownership, home, town home, or villa. Your alternative is a luxury Caribbean rental. Those of you who enjoy a visit to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands are going to LOVE the luxury rental I discovered a few weeks ago. In fact, I have stood on the deck and enjoyed the sunrise over American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook - a magnificent sight! This luxury rental is named “Harbor House”, and it sits on the hillside above the harbor.
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