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May 2, 2013

Allycyn Bennett of Sandstone Financial Named a Top Loan Professional

Allycyn Bennett, Sandstone Financial

Already renowned as a leading loan officer in Orange County, Allycyn Bennett of Sandstone Financial is now recognized as one of the top mortgage loan producers in the country. Compiled by Origination News, the fourth annual list of top loan officers encompasses the top 200 residential and commercial originators nationwide in 2012. Based on dollar volume, Allycyn ranked 137 on the list, with $71 million and 130 loans in 2012.

Allycyn's first exposure to mortgage lending was during undergraduate studies while working with the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in Washington D.C. Since then, she has worked with three of the Southland's major mortgage lending firms.

With over 27 years of mortgage lending experience, Allycyn has established a networking system of over 30 lending institutions with access to every type of loan product on the market, including fixed and adjustable rates, FHA and VA loans, 2nd TD’s, and corporate relocation programs.

Having closed over $120 million in loans in a single year, Allycyn boasts a 98.8% closed-to-origination ratio. Well-versed in all aspects of mortgage lending, she posses a depth of experience in both conforming and non-conforming loans, as well as packaging to private, institutional and government underwriters.

Allycyn has prided herself on getting to the heart of her clients’ financing needs and on keeping all parties informed throughout every step of the lending process. Her effective communication skills are further enhanced by her capable and loyal senior processor, Kelly Melendrez, who has been part of her team for over 24 years.

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