An Intense 2012 and a 2013 with Frights in Store (According to Forecasts)

January 21, 2013

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of change XXXVIX




By Immaculada Amat, January 2013

The year 2012 has ended, having surely been the most intense one in our professional life. So many things have been happening, and all so quickly, that it is difficult to evaluate them. For the time being though, we must be content as a company – another year has passed, and we have maintained the two objectives we have had since the start of the crisis: kepping our staffing levels up and continuing to invest in marketing.

And we should be more content still at having managed to:

  • Increase our portfolio of real estate under administration, thanks to the confidence that a large bank has placed in us.
  • Increase the number of properties sold in relation to the preceding year, albeit at lower prices.
  • Integrate the new Sant Cugat Centre office in record time.
  • Continue organizing our Real Estate Sector Dinners…and many more things.

We have achieved this thanks to the dedication of our people, to their capacity for being flexible and adapting to the requirements and demands of the current market. To the effort we have all put into constantly training and preparing ourselves. To the enthusiasm we bring to becoming better day by day. All that has kept us here, exhausted but alive!

Despite all that, it has not all been a bed of roses. We have problems, a great many problems, as does everybody these days.

We have embarked upon the much-feared 2013, and we are feeling nervous. All the news that reaches us is bad news, and all the forecasts worse. We are extremely concerned at the great economic and emotional stress that our society is bearing at the moment. How long can it hold out? We think that a collective effort must be made to retain jobs, for otherwise the country will collapse in the end.

From the Amat viewpoint, the image that is reaching us at the moment in looking at 2013 is the image of a circus – we will have to do balancing acts, work magic, tame wild beasts, make double somersaults, and if necessary, be clowns. There will certainly be tears and laughter, but we hope to reach the end of the year having got through the show and readying ourselves for the next performance.

In homage to Salvador Espriu, whose birth anniversary is being celebrated this year, we quote part of his poem:

“M’han de manta que parli de la meva Europa” (1959)
Que no siqui dece buda la nostre esperanca,
Que no sigui escarnida la nostre confianca;
Aixi molt humilment no demanem.

[“I’ve been asked to speak about my Europe” (1959)
May our hopes not be disappointed,
May our confidence not be ridiculed;
This we very humbly ask.]


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