December 12, 2012

Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.’s Intero Prestigio Features Intero’s Premier Properties

Courtesy of Teressa Francis of Intero Real Estate

It’s round 3 for Intero Real Estate Services’ Intero Prestigio virtual magazine. Still a combination of the innovative, tech savvy power of the Silicon Valley based real estate company and their division specializing in high-end real estate, it looks as if the program has exploded overnight.

The magazine offers enhanced and global promotion for Intero’s most exclusive homes and estates. Designed with ease of circulation in mind, it can instantly be shared through social media websites and email. As if reading a handheld magazine, online viewers can browse through gorgeous pictures and find the property information of the unique homes featured. The virtual magazine aims not only to raise awareness of properties offered in the Prestigio collection, but also to exhibit their finest qualities––and the magazine is only one aspect of the Prestigio marketing program.

Renowned real estate entrepreneur Alain Pinel, senior vice president and managing officer of Intero, is the primary mastermind who pioneered and launched Intero Prestigio as part of his goal of expanding Intero’s luxury brand. From local print advertising to international display, properties in the Prestigio collection have an elevated level of exposure to help them sell quickly and efficiently. On the release of the first virtual magazine issue, Alain excitedly stated, “It is wonderful to see how Intero’s luxury brand has taken off. The release of this magazine shows Intero is established in the global high-end market, and attests to Intero Prestigio’s growth.”

View the virtual magazine for yourself here.

About Intero Prestigio

A luxury division of Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. Intero Prestigio provides an elevated level of service through its elite selection of marketing tools set up to expose homes and estates to relevant markets locally, nationally and globally. Intero Prestigio hosts a quarterly virtual magazine featuring its current luxury listings. Find the current issue at

About the Intero® Brand

Founded in 2002, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. has quickly become one of the premier real estate brands in the U.S. In 2004, Intero Franchise Services Inc. began franchising and currently is operating in many of the western states. In 2009, Intero International Franchise Services, LLC embarked on developing territories in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. The companies are private and headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley