Green luxury real estate

July 31, 2008

By Jean-Yves Piton

Are you presently offering “green” luxury homes to your clients?

With the growing concern for global warming and the depletion of energy, there is an ever-rising enthusiasm for eco-friendly alternatives worldwide.

Clearly, both energy efficient products and organic goods are in high demand with rapidly increasing market shares vis-à-vis other traditional and commercial goods.

For instance, in the automotive industry, Toyota clearly sets the tone vis-à-vis other car manufacturers by pursuing the very successful, environmentally friendly niche market with its world-renowned hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Prius.

Are you embracing the emerging interest in green real estate and responding to the specific needs of a nature-conscious and educated client base?

According to, eco-developers and eco-brokers offer green properties with sought-after features like zero-carbon, zero-waste, sustainable water, local and sustainable building materials and sustainable transport at premium prices around the globe.

Just recently, new green luxury properties are also automatically delivered with a Toyota Prius in the garage at a minimum cost of $2 million USD!

The trend is here! And it will keep on growing as governments around the planet are rethinking policies for nature-friendly communities.

Editor’s Note:
Jean-Yves Piton is the Global Services Membership Manager for He assists Bente Madtsen, the Director of Global Services, in expanding the brand into even more countries around the world. I’m actually writing an editorial for the winter 2009 issue of Magazine on “green” luxury homes. Jean-Yves brings up some good points in this blog entry. It’s always nice to save money on energy, especially since energy prices are quite high at the moment. I’d like to make one point, though. In the spirit of healthy debate, I would like to offer the following link to the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change. I highly recommend listening to these scientists. They have strong evidence that human activity accounts for just a small fraction of global warming, and reducing our carbon emissions will likely have little, if any, effect on the well-being of our planet while costing far too much money. The photo of the green apartment is from and it is the copyright of papalars.


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