Solidarity Proposals

Courtesy of: Guifre Homedes of Amat. Immobiliaris

of change XXXVIX


As we do each year around this season, we are printing a calendar, and again like each year it revolves around a specific theme. This year we wanted to render homage to the foundations that work in our surroundings. We feel that they are currently playing an essential role in our society, deploying the efforts of large numbers of anonymous people to make up for the role that was formerly played by the Government. We are sure that without their contribution this society of ours would be even more polarised, and would be unable to provide a response to such pressing needs and requirements.

We are aware that this is just a small sample, that we have restricted ourselves to the ones closest to us. We are also aware that in other parts of the world the needs are much more urgent and substantial than ours.

In the end we have chosen those most directly related with the setting of Amat. Download our calendar here

We would also like to thank our sponsors and collaborators for the support we have received in producing this calendar.

We wish you happy festivities and, most especially, plenty of hope, positive outlook and strength for the coming 2013.


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